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Young and the Restless (YR) Spoilers: Neil’s Shocking Move To Lakewood – Kristoff St. John Needed On Y&R

Young and the Restless (YR) Spoilers: Neil's Shocking Move To Lakewood – Kristoff St. John Needed On Y&RKristoff St. John (Neil) has been and remains one of the most beloved actors Young and the Restless. His run, which began in 1991, isn’t over. But it’s fair to wonder if Neil’s announced move to Lakewood means that St. John appears to be on indefinite recurring contract status.

Various familiar cast members either voluntary requested contract adjustments, or were put to recurring status within the past year, as viewers know. The aforementioned move to Lakewood allows Neil to be close to his daughter.

Lily’s (Christel Khalil) twelve-month jail sentence followed an incredibly dramatic storyline ender that saw Hilary (Mishael Morgan) die. Morgan’s voluntary exit from the cast spurned that outcome and then resulted in Lily’s incarceration, which was necessitated by Khalil’s request to drop to recurring status.

Neil’s longtime friend and recent significant other, Ashley (Eileen Davidson), has moved to Paris, France, as part of her fallout with the Abbott clan. Davidson’s request to voluntarily exit the cast doesn’t mean that Ashley will never be back. But she won’t be back on any regular-type basis for awhile.

Y&R’s second longest tenured actor, Doug Davidson (Paul), is also on recurring contract status. Per the actor, he currently has no recording dates scheduled. So it’s unknown if Chief Williams will return to GC any time soon.

Judith Chapman (Gloria) has been on recurring status for a number of years. Chapman’s recent move to ‘Days of our Lives’ caused her Y&R character to be written out of the show without explanation.

Whether St. John’s appearances will truly lessen isn’t fully confirmed. But, like the other veteran actors referenced, he appears to be part of a back office strategy to shift Y&R’s focus to newer characters. That’s a gamble, as soap opera fan’s major time investments in year-round daily weekday viewing, or time-shifted, schedules is steeped in support of the well-known personalities they’ve grown to love.

Here’s hoping that that this terrific actor and as many of his other tenured cast mates as is possible continue to receive scripts. As long as Y&R is on the air, its valued employees have earned the right to work.

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