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All My Children Alum Kelly Ripa Hints At Talk Show Future

All My Children alum Kelly Ripa has faced challenges with her ABC daytime talk show this year. First her popular co-host Ryan Seacrest left. And then viewers didn’t immediately favor Ryan’s replacement, Kelly’s husband Mark Consuelos.

But Ripa just offered a teaser for her future on Live with Kelly and Mark. Find out what she shared. And discover how Mark reacted below.

Kelly Ripa – Teases Talk Show Future

When Ryan Seacrest exited the ABC talk show Live with Kelly and Ryan, Kelly Ripa’s husband Mark Consuelos replaced him. And at first, the All My Children alum struggled to please viewers. Some asked for Seacrest to return. However, as the husband and wife found their groove, they just teased their talk show future, noted Hello magazine.

Kelly Ripa

Both Kelly and Mark dressed for the occasion. For instance, Ripa chose a tie-dye pink and blue dress. And Consuelos opted for a darker pink polo t-shirt with jeans. Kelly revealed that Mark worked out earlier than usual in order to film promos for the autumn season of Live With Kelly And Mark.

And that teaser about the talk show’s future earned cheers from the audience. “We’re shooting some stuff later on today, the new open for the next Fall season,” explained Consuelos. And Kelly teased, “Is that why I look so nice today?” Mark responded that he worked out at 4:30 am in order to look fit for the promos.

Kelly Ripa – Reflects On Changing Co-Hosts

However, the All My Children alum admitted that shifting co-hosts means challenges. And her husband recently became her fourth co-host. Shifting from Ryan, Michael Strahan, and Regis Philbin all meant “a really difficult time. These transitions don’t have to be dramatic,” added Kelly.

But Ripa acknowledged that her husband faced a backlash at first when he replaced Seacrest. And she added, “I know what it’s like to feel like you’re not wanted somewhere. I came from an acting background,” pointed out the All My Children alum. “And I am an expert in rejection. But this was like weirdly being rejected while also being the person that they wanted for the show.”

And in particular, Kelly felt nervous about her husband replacing Ryan. But both her former co-host and Mark sought to reassure her. “Ryan and Mark were like, ‘What are you nervous about? It’s going to be fine.’ And I said to them, ‘You have to forgive me. I have a little PTSD,'” Kelly recalled. And to help her ease the transition, they turned it into a family affair. When Ripa’s talk show became Live with Kelly and Mark, the couple’s daughter Lola Consuelos joined the audience to encourage her parents’ success. 

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Mark Consuelos replacing Ryan Seacrest on Kelly Ripa’s talk show? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more TV news.

  1. Carley Hicks says

    I love they picked Mark! I hope the ratings soar better than ever!

  2. Carol Merkle says

    Non compare with Regis but I like Mark.

  3. Sharon says

    I like Mark but she never allows him to speak without interrupting him. She needs to settle down and just let the conversation flow without trying to always being in control of it.

  4. Linda Spencer says

    Love Kelly and mark together. Mark is halarious!

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