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Jim Parsons Predicts He Will Reprise His ‘Big Bang Theory’ Character In This Weird Way

Seeing Jim Parsons return as the adult version of the eccentric genius Sheldon Cooper has kind of opened fans up to the idea of whether there could be a follow-up to Big Bang Theory.’
Jim Parsons is here with the answers to the questions we’ve been asking.

Jim Parsons Would “Never Say Never” To A ‘Big Bang Theory’ Sequel, But He Wouldn’t Want Us To Hold Our Breaths For It Either

For 12 fantastic seasons, we watched Parsons portray one of our favorite characters on the comedy show, Sheldon Cooper – the genius who’s managed to outpace the rest of humanity in terms of mental capacity and yet holds such high regards to the fictional ‘Star Wars’ character Leonard Spock.

Since the ‘Big Bang Theory’ ended, Parsons has continued to keep the spirit of his beloved character alive by voicing him on the prequel series ‘Young Sheldon.’ To round up ‘Young Sheldon,’ the creators decided to bring back Jim Parsons’ Sheldon and Mayim Bialik’s Amy Farrah.

Jim Parsons Predicts He Will Reprise His 'Big Bang Theory' Character In This Weird Way


While there’s another spinoff in the works at the network, Georgie & Mandy’s First Marriage (starring Montana Jordan and Emily Osment), Parsons doesn’t want us to hold out hope for his character’s official return.

In fact, he believes the only way it can happen is if his character “reincarnates” in the “next lifetime.”

“Look, never say never to anything,” he exclusively told E! News of whether there could ever be plans for his character to return. “Life is long, God willing. But I don’t think so.”

“It was very, very special to do that,” Parsons told E! in his interview, airing May 20, on what it was like returning to play Sheldon.”The feeling today is kind of odd, you know? It’s the second time now, because when we ended The Big Bang Theory, it felt like this, too. A little bit different.”

Getting to film what is perhaps his last appearance as Sheldon was something he said was a little hard to process.

“You shoot that final episode and it’s wrapped for you,” he explained, “and then a couple of months later, it wraps for the rest of the world and it’s a very weird feeling to flood over you again like that.”

The penultimate ‘Young Sheldon’ episode saw the death of Sheldon’s father George Cooper (played by Lance Barber) by a heart attack. It was a devastating episode for fans, and as it turns out, even for the creators as well.

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