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Law And Order Star Tony Goldwyn On What Fans Can Expect From His New DA Character

Tony Goldwyn has held impressive jobs across his slate of acting roles – though I doubt any can beat playing a US President in “Scandal.”

However, if anything beats playing a president, it’s succeeding a “Law and Order” veteran in his chair as DA. Fans may not readily know this, but Goldwyn has been connected to the series for as far back as 2006 when he directed an episode.

The next year saw him appear in a four-episode arc on “Criminal Intent,” where he played the crack-addicted brother of Det. Robert Goren, Frank.

Before making his official “Law and Order” debut, he’d previously been in talks with the producers for a spinoff show, and while that didn’t come to fruition, his new role is an equally exciting one.

“Law And Order” Star Tony Goldwyn On What Fans Can Expect From His New DA Character

Tony Goldwyn – Gives “Law and Order” Fans Exciting Insights On His Character Nicholas Baxter

No one can doubt that Sam Waterson had an amazing run as Manhattan district attorney, Jack McCoy, in “Law and Order.” But he’s stepping down this season, and on the March 14 episode of the show, Goldwyn’s Baxter will replace him.

While we’re sad to be losing McCoy, Goldwyn promises us that his character has as much baggage to keep fans interested for whole seasons. So maybe we won’t feel the loss too much.

In an interview with TV Insider, Goldwyn shared that the way his character replaces McVoy was by appointment with the Mayor. But wait, there’s a catch, if he doesn’t prove himself within two years, he’d be kicked out.

Speaking on his character, Goldwyn said: “Baxter is from a political dynasty—with a senator in his family. He worked in the DA’s office early in his career, then was a very successful litigator in private practice. Fifteen years ago, he went back into public service in the Southern District’s U.S. Attorney’s office. Despite being to the manner born, he’s the real deal—a bright, accomplished guy who is acquainted with New York’s power players.”

As for the apparent difference between Baxter and McCoy, Goldwyn said, “McCoy was a purist, following whatever the law said on a case-by-case basis. Baxter, who may have larger political ambitions, takes into account the social, political and longer-term systemic implications of a high-profile case.”

This all serves to tell us that there’ll be a big shakeup in Manhattan’s PD, whether Jalen Shaw and Vincent Riley approves is left for fans to see.

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