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Law & Order SVU: Is Rollins Coming Back For Good?

Law & Order SVU fans got a treat in a recent episode as fan fave Kelli Giddish brought Amanda Rollins back to the department.  Although her appearance was just a visit in Season 25, it looks like Law & Order could be setting up a more permanent return for the character.  Is Kelli Giddish coming back to SVU for good?  Keep reading to find out!

Law & Order SVU Spoilers – Kelli Giddish Back In Action On Law & Order SVU

Giddish made her Law & Order debut in Season 13 as Atlanta transplant Amanda Rollins.  After over a decade on the show, the popular actress broke fans’ hearts and announced that she was leaving in Season 24. 

Giddish’s exit from the series coincided with her real life pregnancy with son Oldie.  But, she just couldn’t stay away.  Just one season later and Rollins is already “dropping in.”  Will Kelli Giddish return to SVU full time for Season 26?

Law & Order SVU: Is Rollins Coming Back For Good?

On the last episode of SVU, Olivia Benson and Amanda Rollins met for lunch and to catch up.  Benson receives a call about a bride locked in a bathroom, and Rollins tags along. 

It’s not long before the retired detective is engrossed in the case, and builds a bond with their victim Jenna.  With Rollins’ help, Olivia Benson is able to put another predator behind bars.

Law & Order SVU Spoilers – Olivia Benson Shuts Amanda Rollins Down

At the end of the episode, it’s revealed that Detective Rollins is interested in returning to work, but Olivia Benson seems to shut her down. 

Olivia claims she “doesn’t have a desk for her,” and then encourages her former co-worker to take more time and think long and hard about her future. 

Rollins’ former boss doesn’t want her to settle for SVU, there may be something bigger and better for her out there.

If you are a Rollins fan, then you know at the end of the day she is going to do what she wants to do.  And, it certainly looks like Law & Order SVU is setting the foundation for Kelli Giddish’s return storyline. 

Do you hope she is coming back for good next season?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and check back here for daily TV spoilers and news.

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