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Shark Tank Under Fire For Celebrity Pitch

Shark Tank upset fans with its out-of-touch celebrity pitch. The ABC series features aspiring entrepreneurs. Fans got a bad taste in their mouth when the show allowed well-known names to share their pitch. Keep on reading to learn more.

Shark Tank – Slammed For Celebrity Contestants

Normally, Shark Tank features the average person who wants to become a successful entrepreneur. On the Friday, May 3 episode, the show featured Maria Shriver and Patrick Schwarzenegger, who pitched their protein bar business, MOSH.

The mother and son duo asked the investors for $500,000 for a 2% stake in their company. They want to expand their business to create supplements for individuals to preserve their minds from Alzheimer’s Disease.

Shark Tank Under Fire For Celebrity Pitch

The product would help fun gender-based Alzheimer’s research at the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement at the Cleveland Clinic.

However, fans wondered why the show allowed celebrities to compete. They noticed that the ABC hit series “jumped the shark” by allowing celebrities to compete.

It lost the original post, which gave inspiration to those who wanted to achieve success with their small businesses. Some fans took to Reddit to react to the controversial episode.

“They may very well have a viable and beneficial product, but a celebrity family with a TON of money and connections taking up time on what is, in theory, a show that gives resources to small business owners who need a leg up just feels soooo tone-deaf and selfish,” one fan wrote.

“There’s no way that a product would have gotten a deal if they were your everyday entrepreneurs. A complete waste of a segment,” another user mused.

Lori Greiner offered the most attractive deal. She started negotiations with a $500,000 offer for 6$ stake in the company. Patrick counter-offered with a 3.5% stake, but Lori turned it down. She asked for 5% or at least 4.5%. After pausing for several seconds, and asking his mom, Patrick agreed to take the deal.

Maria Shriver And Patrick Schwarzenneger’s 2024 Net Worth Revealed

Shark Tank received criticism for allowing a billionaire family to compete. Amid this episode, Maria Shriver and Patrick Schwarzenneger’s 2024 net worth has been revealed.

Maria has a reported net worth of $210 million, which stems from various revenue streams, including her career in journalism.

Meanwhile, Patrick Schwarzenegger’s 2024 net worth is around $8 million, which he made as an actor, model, and entrepreneur, reports Celebrity Net Worth. In Maria’s interview with People, Maria said it was her son’s dream to appear on Shark Tank.

What are your thoughts on Shark Tank allowing celebrity pitches? Did this disgust you as well? Share your thoughts below in the comment section.

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