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‘Yellowjackets’ Season 2: Is Lottie’s Wellness Retreat A Cult?

Showtime’s hit series Yellowjackets Season 2 premiered on March 26, and fans have already started to decode some mysteries behind the show’s main cast. The brilliant narrative has hooked the audience, and now they wish to know more about the new season. The premiere episode reunited the plane crash survivors in the 90s as well as the present day. However, a surprising addition to this reunion was Lottie Matthews (adult version played by Simone Kessell). A lot of the mysteries in Yellowjackets revolve around her, and now fans are wondering if her wellness retreat is just a mask for something else. Keep reading to find out the details!

Although the Season 2 premiere episode hasn’t tied up several loose ends associated with Lottie, it did provide some context regarding her new establishment. However, it also raised several new questions, including what she might be hiding behind her calm and composed façade. Fans are also eager to know her motivations and the way they could shape the future of the show.

Lottie’s survival was only detailed in the very last minutes of the Season 1 finale. So, going forward, fans had little to no hint of her life post the plane crash. Now, it looks like Season 2 will explore more of Lottie. By the end of Season 1, many viewers were suspicious of Lottie and her strange organization. However, the nature-focused retreat wasn’t what viewers thought.


However, that isn’t the only detail viewers could tap into in the latest season. The show also revealed that Lottie was actually in a mental healthcare system put in by her parents after the plane crash incident. Viewers also saw her being treated with an electric shock. Yellowjackets had already established that Lottie was diagnosed with schizophrenia before she tried to survive in the forest and was taking drugs for the same. Even though Lottie’s visions helped her save her parents’ life once, they didn’t have an open-arm approach to her visions and struggles.

Given that she had undergone years of trauma with some emotionally detached parents, it makes sense that Lottie would try to bring peace to others with her retreat, Camp Green Pine.

While Lottie uses the camp’s wellness aspect as the persona when in public, Lottie does have power and very well knows the best ways to use it. The plane crash survivor has a legion of followers that would happily abduct, kidnap, stalk, and even potentially murder someone at her instructions.

So, it can be concluded that Lottie is running something similar to a cult, but whether or not it is a cult can only be determined as more episodes air in the future.

So, what do you think of Lottie’s wellness retreat? Does it seem like a cult to you? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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