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Yellowstone Spoilers: Anger Over Handling Of Former Cast Member’s Death, What Happened?

Yellowstone spoilers reveal that the family and friends are very unhappy with how Cole Brings Plenty’s death was handled. The 27-year-old actor was found dead in his car in Kansas. The anger began at his funeral, which occurred on Tuesday, April 16. Hundreds of mourners came to show their respects to Plenty at the funeral. Even though the police didn’t suspect foul play, there were a lot of questions about his death still. Let’s find out more about his funeral and why there is some anger about it.

Yellowstone Spoilers – Plenty’s Past

Before Plenty was found dead, he went missing for a few days. It turned out that he had been charged with a domestic abuse charge just days before he died.

His family members feel that this has been all over the news and social media and even carried over to his funeral.

Yellowstone Spoilers: Anger Over Handling Of Former Cast Member's Death, What Happened?

His uncle wanted to tell fans more about why the family was so angry. He said, “He was already tried and prosecuted by the Larence police department.”

His family feels as if the police haven’t done enough to get to the bottom of how he died though.

They feel as if the police handled everything wrong because Plenty was part of the Lakota tribe. His family is ready to ‘engage in war’ for him to get the justice he deserves.

Police Versus Lakota

Cole Brings Plenty’s family is devastated about his death and they continue to stand up to the police.

His father told fans, “They were malicious with their intents. They pained a big target on my son, but what did he ever do to them?” His father added that he would continue to fight for his son because he knew that he was a good man.

There were several cast members of the Yellowstone spin-off, 1923, that attended Cole Brings Plenty’s funeral. They wanted to show their love and respect for him and his family.

The family will continue to grieve for Cole Brings Plenty. This is an incredibly difficult time for them right now and they didn’t want to have to worry about the actions of the police as well as planning a funeral.

We will continue to keep an eye on his family to see if they get the justice from the Lawrence police that they are asking for.

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