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Yellowstone: Piper Perabo Says Expect Season 5 To ‘Turn Up The Heat’

YellowstonePiper Perabo says she’ll be back in Yellowstone Season 5 and the plan is to “turn up the heat.”

Piper Perabo’s role, Summer Higgins, is a new kind of character in Paradise Valley. The environmental activist brought a different kind of connection with John Dutton in Season 4 of Yellowstone and now, Perabo says that there are plans to “turn up the heat’ in Season 5. Continue reading and we’ll give you the low down.

Yellowstone Spoilers – Summer Higgins Gets 14-year Prison Term

Summer Higgins first showed up on the Dutton’s radar during a protest of the Livestock Association and the livestock commissioner, Kayce Dutton, played by Luke Grimes. By the end of Season 4, Higgins has earned herself a 14-year prison sentence after one of her protests ends in violence, and Yellowstone fans are led to believe she’s history.

According to CheatSheet, Yellowstone fans will be delighted to know that, though Higgins may be down, according to Perabo, she’s not out and she’ll return in Season 5. This time, she says they’ll be “turning up the heat.”

Yellowstone Spoilers –  Summer Higgins And John Dutton Find Common Ground In Season 4

Yellowstone fans witnessed a casual romance in the first three seasons between John Dutton and Montana governor Lynelle Perry, played by Wendy Moniz. Somehow, in Season 4 John Dutton ends up connected to Summer Higgins after he bails her out of jail. The apparent irony in the relationship between an environmental activist and the owner of one of the biggest ranches in Montana shouldn’t escape Yellowstone fans.

In 2021, Perabo told the Decider “When Summer first meets John, she sees him as a kind of monolith,” adding that “what she starts to understand is that John cares as much about the land as she does. They come from really different worlds. They’re both real fighters in their own ways for the conservation of the land. He teaches her a lot and broadens her perspective.”

Season 5 Romance ‘Kicking Into Gear’

Just how important Higgins was to John Dutton becomes clearer in the Season 4 Finale when John tries to get Summer a lighter sentence after one of her protests stirs violence. He wasn’t successful and she ended up with a 14-year sentence.

Judging from Perabo’s recent comments, fans should be pleasantly surprised to see that Higgins may be getting out of prison sooner than we all thought. According to Entertainment Weekly, Perabo said that the romance on Yellowstone would be “kicking into gear,” adding that she knew most Yellowstone fans watch for the cowboy factor.

“I watch it for the love story. We’re turning up the heat.”

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