Y&R Rating’s Dip – Sally Sussman’s Mariah/Tessa Storyline to Blame?


Y&R Rating's Dip - Sally Sussman's Mariah/Tessa Storyline to Blame?It looks like The Young and the Restless producers are dealing with a huge crisis on their hands and behind closed doors. That’s because there are new reports that indicate the show’s ratings have dipped dramatically ever since Tessa and Mariah shared an on-screen kiss.

For many fans, they believe that writer Sally Sussman’s final plotline might have turned into a ratings disaster for the long-running soap series. The former head writer of The Young and the Restless announced her departure earlier this month.

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Even though Sally herself said that Tessa and Mariah’s relationship is a love story and not a gay story, some viewers are still displeased about the direction that the show is going in. Even though Sally insists that their romance is about falling in love with a person (as opposed to falling in love with someone of the same gender), fans still aren’t convinced.

After Mariah kissed Tessa during the Thursday, August 3 episode, ratings dropped dramatically down. More than 120,000 viewers tuned out between the Tuesday, August 8 and Wednesday, August 9 episodes. If that weren’t enough, the show lost another 198,000 viewers between the August 9 and Thursday, August 10 episodes.

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Of course, many viewers are split about Tess and Mariah’s controversial relationship as it is. But if ratings continue to dip for The Young and the Restless, the show’s writers will be forced to make a decision about their future sooner rather than later. It’s without a doubt that the show’s producers will do whatever it takes to bring back loyal fans and viewers!

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  • ??

    Fix IT!! I would like to continue to watching ,but the directions that this show is taking is TOO MUCH!! FIX IT!!

    • Billie Elliott

      I will not watch anymore if they don’t change this storyline love watching this show for more years than I can count. I’ve not watched since that episode aired !!!!

    • Lisa

      I agree don’t have them kiss again. Let them be happy with their boyfriends. Woman and men can be good friends without kissing each other

    • Lisa

      I agree don’t have them kiss again. Let them be happy with their boyfriends. Woman and men can be good friends without kissing each other

  • Sharon Grzenda

    I have been watching Y&R for 40+ years and l almost quit watching it when Adam had sex with a man. I felt sick when I saw where the Cassie /Tessa story was going. If it goes the way it has I will probably stop watching it.

  • Mama

    I don’t like the Tessa and Mariah scenes at all.. they don’t belong together nor do they fit with Noah and Devon.. leave Devon with Hilary and find someone else for Noah.

  • Trish Kelly

    You can “love” a friend without “falling in love” with them. If they start a romance, it IS a gay story!!

  • A

    I have not watched the y&r since thay (kissed
    Thats been over 2 weeks now not sure when i will start back

  • Debbie

    Really like Devon and Noah with the girls. The couples need to be happy they have had alot of drama and hurt. Being that Crystal is Tessas sister have the storyline go with the couples getting involved with Crystal and Sharon about the prostitute story, I will give up the show if you go the love story, or gay story of Mariah and Tessa.

  • Joyce

    I did not like where the story line is going with Tessa and Mariah. I have watched Y&R since the beginning but if this is what’s going to happen I will not watch. I like Devon/Mariah together and leave Hillary out in the cold.

    • Glenda

      G I think it is too much for the kissing scene. I do not like the way the show is going. Been watching since 2007.please get back on track.we cannot afford to lose fans.

    • Lisa

      I agree don’t have them kiss again

    • Kim Bator

      Get a gripe on your life.It’s a soap opera for god sakes.I have also watch this soap since it started of i was in the hospital for 38 days in traction and they only had local channels in the daytime it was soaps!! What’s the problem it’s in our world nowadays.

  • Nan Dinkle

    From what I read on all the soap sites, the Mariah-Tessa coupling isnt liked at all. The majority say they will quit watching altogether. Another group ff through their segments. Personally I do not want them as a couple. Let them remain friends with the fantastic bpyfriends they have or give them new boyfriends or give them stories with no boyfriend but to work on their careers. I have watched y&r since it began with the Brook sisters and Foster family.

  • Mary

    It just doesn’t makes sense as a story. WE were invested for ages in Mariah and Kevin. Then she’s with Devon. But suddenly we are supposed to believe she’s in love with another woman?? I could see having a Tessa be gay. We don’t know her that well. We know nothing of her past. So let Tessa be gay, but bring on a new character – possibly someone from her past? – to be her love interest

  • Gina1

    I have nothing against them having a gay couple but to have Mariah try to steal her brother’s girlfriend is ludicrous. Bring in another girl for her to explore these feelings. It’s bad enough brothers sleeping with the same woman fathers and sons mothers and daughters! Give me a break! Respect the brother sister relationship and move on! Mariah can have Tessa as a sister in law and stop drooling over her!

  • Tricia

    I still watch Y&R regardless if stories are not popular. I voice my opinion about whether or not a story is good or bad and leave it up to the producers and writers to make it work or fail at their attempt. I didn’t like the “way” they introduced Mariah and Tessa and just had them plunge into kissing without any idea they were heading this way. You have to be more sensitive with things like this for the characters and the audience. I think the audience may be saying the story was too quick and “in your face”. It would have been better to introduce it slowly by the two of them talking about feelings and such before taking the dive into a full out kiss.

  • Pietro

    Gay and same sex gender attraction is a part of every community. The Young and the Restless is showing the tapestry of where we are today. Homophobic fans need to accept love of all forms in TV and real life.

    • Joyce

      You are right but not with Mariah let Tessa find another. Girl

  • Julie

    I haven;t watched it since they kissed .It makes me sick to see t2o women or men act that way .It is not normal.I have watched Y&R from the begining but not now .

  • Michele

    Do you not look at the demographics of the people who watch Y&R. One can appreciate the freedom to love whomever they wish but not want to watch it on their favotite TV show.

  • Jean mandato

    Not a deal breaker I love the show have been watching from the very first episode

  • Gini

    I’d prefer to see Tessa and Mariah just as girlfriends, nothing more. If it’s going towards them being a couple, I won’t be watching Y & R much longer. I’d prefer to see more with Jack and Nikki and soften up Victor a bit. He’s getting to set in his ways which is a sign he’s getting too old. Noah needs a make-over too. He’s too much like Victor in a lot of ways.

  • m. j. boettcher

    any objections I have had with Y & R lately is that there is not enough balance between negative and positive stories. I realize that soaps are based on negativity but I can only take so much. Just about the time some new relationships are building and viewers become invested in them everything goes to hell in a handbag. the gay issue would not have been that big an issue with me if one of the character had been established and accepted as gay. that story line was mishandled and was a disservice to everyone.

  • Teri

    It just did not have anyplace In the storyline. Seemed so out of place, just left me confused. And kinda sick actually. I luv Y&R and do continue to watch every day. Great Stories right now , esp with Victor vs. EVERYONE Why did he kick Nick & Christian out of their Home .that is his son & Grandson. BTW have not seen Christian in forever, This is too good A show, Watch the Stories that Matter, Forget about the one that doesn’t .

  • Mary C Renaud

    Did not like the way the Y& R is going with these girls… and with all `respect`remember the older generations that have been watching since the start.. they deserve to be `listen too!!! One can wait some years down the road to approach these subjects!!!!!! Just waiting to see what the writers will bring on , then we will decide if we boycott this so loved Y &R… thanks

  • Susan Reed

    Quit cramming this Gay and Lesbian bullshit down our throats.If that’s what they want then keep it to their selves.It’s a personal thing and I don’t like it.If this is the way the show is going to go then I wiil Quit watching.I will not support it.Black and white don’t mix either.Just plain old hetrosexual.

  • p holloway

    hate the story line…been watching since it first came on…..hoping for the best cause i dont want to stop watching…..please move on to better story line before you get cancelled!

  • Been watchingfrom the first episode.Don”t do it or you will lose another fan!!

  • Pattie

    No I don’t like them together and the storyline is boring! Bring Michael Muhney back!!!!

  • Linda

    The people have spoken. Don’t over estimate what we will accept.

  • Teresa

    Too bad u can’t do a do-over and completely block that episode out. Don’t go in that direction for these characters! Just because other shows do, doesn’t mean u have to.

  • Jan

    I realize this is “modern day” with all types of relationships being front and center, but get tired if it in my face at every turn ! It has spoiled the story line. besides, it goes against the relationships that each of these characters had going with Devon and Noah. Actually those don’t seem to fit either.’
    This show is in dire need of new writers.

  • sheila

    I really like devon and Mariah to get together

  • Monique Barnes

    I realize that in this day and age gay and lesbian relationships are more and more common, but for Y & R it makes no sense. This program evolves around family, relationships, marriage (male and female). I have been watching Y&R for over 40 years and it sickens me to see storyline going this way. I like Maryah and Devon, Tessa and Noah. Try to fix this asap as you will be losing a lot more fans.

  • Kim

    I too have been watching since the very beginning and i don’t ever remember being so disgusted with the show that i don’t want to watch it anymore, this past year has been one awful Mess! Not just on Y&R but also on Bold and the Beautiful! Please fix these shows!

  • Soap Vet 38

    Stop this storyline immediately! I stopped my DVR and have not watched since the kiss. I have watched the show for 38 years. I began with my grandmother who is no longer with me. I continued to watch as a tribute to our relationship. This storyline is UNACCEPTABLE! I will ONLY come back if this type of politically correct storyline ends. Your audience is dwindling, I have hung around for 38 YEARS! Don’t through it away for a trendy storyline.

  • Bonnie white

    I don’t like the way the show. Is going with Tessa and Msariah I will not watch it anymore

  • Badly in need of writers who know what they are doing. A first grade kid could do a better job than what we have there now! The general public does NOT act the way the writers are portraying these fine actors. Get back to good old days when the controversies were just about everyone being married to each other at one time or another. Screwed up writers are showing ignorance lately. Such great actors and yet they will be taken down by the people who watch this lousy story line and are so sad about the decline of a once great soap.

  • I wish bold and the beautiful would take there fans seriously like this or there was a way to tell them how you feel I like y and r but bring shela back is just wrong and Eric is going senial some things upset me when they put the wrong people together or do some of the stupid things that they do knowing goodness well that would never happen in real life

  • Yvette

    Change it quick

  • Donna

    I will be so unhappy if we lose the show because of this storyline. I have been watching a long time & I love it. Please don’t mess with it.

  • Anita Williams

    I think it is disastrous for Mariah & Tessa to have this kind of relationship. If it isn’t already depicted in the ratings, keep on.

  • carol

    I have watched ynrsince it’s beginning, taping it daily while working. It was a good wholesome, feel good show following the Newman/Abbott clans on their daily highs and lows. I know the story must evolve with the times, but not everyone is a cheater, money grabbing, out-to-get you type of life which is being depicted on the show now. All couples are cheating, divorcing, sleeping around and portraying a lifestyle that I don’t feel is indicative of the majority of the viewers. Bring back some morality to the show and viewers will return. We want to be entertained, not disgusted.

  • Audree

    I don’t like it at all, why put Mariah and Noah against one another, this is your way of destroying another family, Victor do enough of that without any help from the writers, I have watched Y&R from the day it started and with this story line…GOOD-BYE…

  • Mary

    If they wanted a gay story line, why didn’t they do one with Kevin? Personally I am not interested in this storyline but I won’t stop watching Y&R because of it.

  • Michele

    I will not watch y&r anymore hate the Tessa and Mariah story should’ve kept them just friends they need new and exciting storylines quickly

  • Dixie

    Isn’t the reason our beloved soaps have gone by the wayside is ratings? Then why would you put a storyline in the show that knowingly would turn most faithful viewer’s off. It is not a love story it is a gay story. I don’t care what kind of spin you put on it! I for one don’t like what you are doing to our characters. This show is just all over the place. Get it back on track sick so you still have time to get your loyal viewer’s back. Sally as to go!!!!!

    • meg

      Love that sec have a head writer who wrote the first Lesbian kiss for a British Mal Young ,was that writer ,Thank you CBS and Sony for bringing him to us and bringing Y&R out of the dark ages, Love Teriah .Just bring Noah someone new ,

  • Nancy C Landals

    Lets get off this band wagon and keep the show free from this drama…Lets have each of the girls find love and peace and some good friendship.….This show has enough drama, we don’t need this mess. S aomeone needs to get the show back on track and give us real day to day situations..…

  • I have stop watching Y&R, not because of the girls kissing.
    I stop watching because SSM hate writing for Daniel Goddard and Christel Khalil. enough with this old ass hate writing !

  • I agree with all of the above. Have been watching from the start of both shows. Lately the storylines are
    not what we are used to. It’s a mess . Get Sheila off, she is an old story and we don’t need to see the same old things from her. Get the new writers going right away before you lose all of we oldies!

  • Meg. Reddekopp

    Love this love story ,

  • Rose Rainwater

    Not crazy about this love kiss.. It made me feel uneasy and I have no problems with Gays.. But you have taken a turn with Cane attacking Billy never backing off. Victoria now all over GC buzz. don’t care for Hilary at all. Need to get Vicki fixed.. There are great story lines there but they seem to be getting no place. Maybe move the pace a little faster.. I have watched since the first show on BOTH.. Love them but some time I don’t care for the story line with certain actors.. Bring the old viewers back. My other soaps are gone due to lack of viewers. Don’t let this happen to Y&R n B&B

  • Mattie Knapp

    Don’t like the story line with Tessa and Mariah. There is enough sin in this world. Do we have to have it crammed down our throats just because we like a show? Hope this doesn’t happen