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Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas’ Friend Has A Dark Secret – Creates Story To Redeem Thomas

Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers: Thomas' Friend Has A Dark Secret - Creates Story To Redeem ThomasThe Bold and the Beautiful (B&B) spoilers tease that Thomas Forrester’s (Matthew Atkinson) friend will have a dark secret and it could create a path to redeem Ridge Forrester’s (Thorsten Kaye) son. It will all start coming out in the next two weeks. Here’s what you need to know about what’s coming up on B&B.

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Vincent’s Secret Leads To Another Death?

By now, most B&B fans know that Emma Barber (Nia Sioux) was the death that has been teased for several weeks. However, showrunner Brad Bell teased that there will be another death that rocks the storylines.

It’s pretty clear right now that Thomas is responsible for Emma’s death. While he didn’t kill her explicitly, he did drive her off the road and lead to her demise. And, now, there’s another death coming?

A popular rumor on social media revealed that Vincent walker (Joe LoCicero) will have a dark secret and it could lead to another death. In fact, many fans think that Thomas’ friend could murder someone and, when the police discover the truth, they will assume he killed Emma, too.

Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Will Vincent’s Guilt Lead To Thomas’ Redemption?

Let’s assume this is how it will play out. If that’s what B&B is planning, then could Thomas improve his image with the viewers. Right now, it’s not looking good for Thomas. With Emma dead, so many people will suspect he had something to do with it.

Liam Spencer (Scott Clifton) and Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) do not trust him. Since Thomas is having trouble getting anywhere with Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) he decides to take his scheme to the next level and he buys some drugs from Vincent.

B&B spoilers tease that Vincent will show up on Thursday, June 27, so we’ll have to see what fun the writers have planned for this character. As of now, Mr. Walker will appear in a handful of episodes.

Do you think Vincent Walker could have a dark secret? Who will die next? Keep watching The Bold and the Beautiful this summer as Brad Bell teased an exciting and thrilling murder mystery with the truth of Beth coming out after summer sweeps!

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  1. Guest says

    Please, Please let it be Thomas thats going to die. He needs off the show.

  2. Guest says

    No I don´t think that Thomas can be redeemed,his freind is no better than him I think he is the one that offers Thomas drugs,Thomas freind isn´t a good freind who does this.

  3. Guest says

    I don’t think he is redeemed but yet I think friend up something why he gave him the drug first place maybe they are teaming up together

  4. Guest says

    There is no way to redeem the character of Thomas. He is evil incarnate and he needs to be killed off this show. Bell has destroyed B & B and is losing viewers at an alarming rate with this sick and evil storyline. Whoever kills Thomas hope it is soon and an extremely painful death. Hopefully Liam will actually show that he has a backbone and protect his wife, Hope, and murder Thomas and end Thomas psychotic reign.

  5. Guest says

    This storyline has gone on long enough.
    Why draw it out more? I think they should kill Zoe off. She is so painfully annoying. She doesn’t want to tell Hope, but continues to basically have the same conversation over and over again. And say the same thing. Give Hope her baby back. And if Liam ends with Steffy, let him go and Hope raise baby Beth, and become a strong, independent mum. Unlike Steffy, who always seems to need a man. They should have it where Bill turns out to be the father of Kelly.

  6. Guest says

    I have not watched this soap in a month or longer . Just keeping up with spoilers. The soap is bad enough as it was before you brought the new Baby Honda on. No redemption!! I will tell you know he has done it for me! He stays after what he’s done?? There is nothing that would make me want him on the soap! He stays I’m done because I’m used to not wat Hong it’s no sacrifice to stop all together. The story was bad from the beginning as far as I’m concerned. So all this is making it worse and rubbing salt in deep wounds! No More Thomas, kill him off the sooner the better!

  7. Guest says

    It would be poetic justice if Zoe were killed over the baby swap because this entire thing started with Reese selling Hope and Liam’s baby to save Zoe’s life from the loan sharks. As for redeeming Thomas, unless Brad Bell gives Thomas a medical condition like a brain tumor there is no redeeming him, even then it’s a lazy way out for Brad Bell.

  8. Guest says

    Awe, after that guy has done what he had. Are you kidding?? No he isn’t redeemable now or ever . You keep him I am done for good. I’m at the point to where I don’t even want to read spoilers as nothing changes or so slow it puts you to sleep!

  9. Guest says

    No there is no way to redeem this mentally-ill person. Thomas is delusional and his father Ridge is in the same boat. Ridge feel guilty for being absent in Thomas life so they feel that it is right for creepy Thomas to try to win over Hope.So if Thomas drugs Liam and he sleeps with Steffy and then Steffy is going to find out about Beth and she is going to keep it a secret because she will not want to lose Phoebe and Liam.

  10. Guest says

    This is the worst storyline In soap opera history!!! It’s sad that there’s only two women that goes back and forth with the same man!!! That is so tired and sad, the storyline with Hope baby is way overdue and starting to get boring!!

  11. Guest says

    Ok Mr.Bell. Since you insist on drawing this all out….Here’s another plot twist that would be quite chilling. Taylor has gone MIA. She was supposed to be living with and helping Steffy. How about she returns for a visit and reveals that all this time she had been seeing Dr. Buckingham and they ended up eloping!!!! So then he becomes Steffy’s Stepfather and Zoe’s Stepsister!! Now that would be exciting and deepen the plot.

  12. Guest says

    So a quick edit to my last post. I meant Zoe would become Steffy’s Stepsister if Taylor married Dr. Buckingham. Another possible twist. Hope finally joins a support group for women who have lost their babies. Another woman also joins the group who discusses losing her child at a clinic in Catalina! Could put a question in Hope’s mind. So many twists and turns could add to the final reveal. If we are going to continue to be tortured by this plot then at least keep it exciting and not so predictable as it usually can be.

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