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The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Hope’s French Proposal, Thomas & Douglas React To Sudden Marriage Request?

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Hope Logan (Annika Noelle) still misses Thomas Forrester (Matthew Atkinson).

With Hope fighting Steffy Forrester Finnegan (Jacqueline MacInnes Wood), what happens if she loses the fashion line?

Could Hope retaliate by flying to Paris to issue a marriage proposal to Thomas? While Hope would maintain her feelings for Thomas, her motivation could be fashion fueled.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers: Hope’s French Proposal, Thomas & Douglas React To Sudden Marriage Request?

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Thomas Forrester’s Heartbreak

B&B spoilers reveal that Thomas was heartbroken when Hope once again turned down his marriage proposal. After talking with Steffy, Thomas took Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri) and left for Europe.

Hope was torn apart by Thomas and Douglas leaving. Hope still talks about Thomas, but not as much these days.

B&B Spoilers – HFTF Jeopardy

While Thomas is gone in Paris, Hope is facing another problem with Steffy. Now Steffy has decided that Hope’s fashion line needs to end.

Steffy claims that Hope’s numbers keep dwindling. Hope doesn’t deny that the line isn’t doing very well right now.

However, Hope says she always bounces back and blames Steffy for sending her lead designer away without any warning.

Steffy and Hope could go back and forth all day long about this. Sometimes, they do. However, there is something a bit different about Hope’s anger this time.

So, Hope could be serious when she declared war against Steffy. Perhaps Steffy is going too far this time. Even though Steffy insists it’s a business decision, there are some who think otherwise.

The Bold And The Beautiful Spoilers – Steffy Forrester Finnegan’s Declaration

The Bold and the Beautiful spoilers reveal that Steffy isn’t giving up on getting rid of Hope’s fashion line. Hope is battling Steffy and has even turned to

Brooke Logan (Katherine Kelly Lang) for help. Ridge Forrester (Thorsten Kaye) doesn’t want to make a decision. So, Ridge is looking for someone else to make the decision for him.

That eventually leads to Ridge offering Brooke something unexpected at Forrester Creations. Hope has also declared war against Steffy and the Forrester family.

B&B Spoilers – Hope Logan’s French Proposal?

Hope might think that she has it made if Brooke ends up co-CEO. However, if Brooke votes against Hope, then there could be a twist.

Thomas is supposed to come back at some point soon. Maybe Thomas doesn’t come back on his own with Douglas Forrester (Henry Joseph Samiri). Perhaps Hope rushes off to issue a French marriage proposal to Thomas. If Thomas says yes, then that could certainly complicate things at Forrester Creations!

How will Hope defeat Steffy? Could Hope run to Paris and issue a spontaneous marriage proposal to Thomas in Paris?

Share your thoughts in the comment section below. Remember to keep watching the soap on CBS or Paramount+ to find out what happens next.

  1. Laurie says

    Same old same old.I would hope that Thomas would turn Hope diwn,she would only be using him again

  2. Joe says

    Please don’t go back down the Thomas and Hope storyline. I do think that Finn and Hope make a good storyline just to bring steffy back down to earth. Bring ivy back for Liam.

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  6. Anonymous says

    Yes team Thope all the way Thomas returns this week.

  7. Janel says

    Please have hope and thomas get married. I hate the teasing of hope and Finn. I hate they always woman fighting over same men. Bring ivy back for Liam

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