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‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers: Nick Tries To Win Back Sam After Foul Move

Coronation Street: Nick Tilsley (Ben Price)“Coronation Street” spoilers have teased an emotional scene between Nick and young son Sam as he tries to win him back after recently placing a ban on the child.

Schoolboy Sam (Jude Riordan) found healing in his new hobby chess after going through mutism for months since his mother Natasha Blakeman (Rachel Leskovac) died.

Giving his whole attention to it with the help of Roy Cropper (David Neilson) and Mary Taylor (Patti Clare), the young boy had been emotional in dealing with his lost streak as the cafe owner wants him to thrive through the hard realities of life instead of spoonfeeding him in the games.

However, this new hobby made his father Nick Tilsley (Ben Price) worried as the schoolboy failed to catch up with his academics. He blamed chess for Sam’s distractions but Leanne (Jane Danson) disagreed, explaining that chess made more positive impacts on the child than negatives. Still, Nick placed a ban on Sam which lead the mother and child to turn their backs against the patriarch. However, secrets are not kept forever on the cobbles and Nick discovered Leanne’s betrayal much to his annoyance.

‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers – Nick Tisley Is Hurt With Sam Blakeman’s Choice

In upcoming scenes, Nick will have a change of heart about Sam’s obsession, already convinced that this has helped the boy deal with his trauma and has become more articulate.

After admitting that what he did was a wrong move, Roy informs Nick of the upcoming children’s chess tournament which Nick approves of. All seems well for Nick who wants to mend his broken relationship with Sam but the atmosphere turns sour when his child announces he wants Roy to take him to the chess instead of him.

Although he feels betrayed, Nick hides the pain and yields to Sam’s request. Will Nick give up now?

Nick goes to see Sam at his matches, making the impression that he supports him. As the child advances to the grand final, Nick brands Sam as a genius but will this be enough for Sam to forgive his father?

‘Coronation Street’ Spoilers – Emotional Ride

Later in the week, Nick faces his greatest opponent but will he win this time? Or will he sulk again if he loses?

Actor Ben Price who plays Nick previously talked about Sam’s emotional ride, admitting that his character misses Sam and the conversations they had which makes the whole process painful for him.

The actor also acknowledged Leanne’s great role in Sam’s healing as she understands the child more than anyone else after what she has just gone through losing Oliver.

But the Corrie actor doesn’t want his family to “settle down and have a happier life” because for him, Nick and Leanne “aren’t really built for domestic bliss.”

“The dynamic of family always lends itself to those high stake stories and Jane [Danson] and I like being part of that. [Nick and Leanne] work best when there is a crisis they have to work through,” he told Digital Spy.

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