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Coronation Street Spoilers: Ryan Connor Investigates Crystal’s Messages

Coronation Street spoilers, news, and updates tease that Ryan Connor starts to get suspicious about the messages he receives from the Ibiza DJ, Crystal.

In the previous episode of the longest-running soap, Ryan and Daisy leveled up their friendship when romance took its place. It all began when the man sought comfort from Crystal when Daisy spent her time with Daniel. Little did he know that it was the social media influencer whom he was texting the whole time. Meanwhile, Daisy dropped her jaw when Ryan called “Crystal” over the phone.

When conscience started to devour her, Daisy talked to her fiancé and decided to take a step back in helping Ryan. Meanwhile, when she visited the man, she saw him sending messages to the Ibiza DJ. As a result, Daisy discouraged her friend to cut connections with Crystal and suggested taking a walk to divert her attention from her.

After walking in the streets of Weatherfield, Ryan expressed his gratitude to the social media influencer as they stopped for a drink in The Rovers. He stated how thankful he was when Daisy became his ally ever since the acid touched his face. Meanwhile, when they locked their eyes, a romantic spark starts to light upon them.

Coronation Street: Ryan Connor

Coronation Street Spoilers – Ryan Connor Gets Doubtful Over Crystal’s Messages

In the next scenes of “Coronation Street,” Ryan starts to feel odd about Crystal’s messages. As a result, he starts to believe that it is not the Ibiza DJ he has been texting all along. The suspicion leads him to investigate and know the person behind the comforting messages.

Meanwhile, the man approaches Carla Connor and tells her about his doubts. Carla then encourages him to bring his concern to the authorities to find out who’s behind the catfishing. On the other hand, this matter might be a danger to Daisy, leading her to pretend her reaction when Ryan shares his suspicions.

Will Daisy finally come clean from her pretensions? Will this affect her relationship with Ryan?

Coronation Street Spoilers – Charlotte Jordan Talks About Crystal Issue

During her interview, Charlotte Jordan opened up about her character’s pretension as the Ibiza DJ. “The motivation behind her adopting this Crystal façade is a genuine one – she doesn’t want to cause Ryan any more pain,” she told Digital Spy. Moreover, she shared that her character is doing a wrong move when she decided to use Crystal to make her friend feel comforted.

However, Jordan stated that Daisy meant well when she chose to pretend as Crystal. “Daisy is not doing this because she wants to cause trouble, she is doing this because she wants to give Ryan time to heal,” she uttered.

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