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Coronation Street Spoilers: Sam’s New Friend Leaves Hope Furious

Coronation Street spoilers, news, and updates tease that Hope State (Isabella Flanagan) will be left furious by Sam Blakeman’s (Jude Riordan) new friend. In upcoming scenes, Eliza, Stu Carpenter’s (Bill Fellows) granddaughter moves to a new school because of bullying, particularly about her mother being in prison.

After a productive meeting at Weatherfield High, Eliza and Stu make their way back home when they’re approached by Sam and Hope. Sam kindly invites Eliza for tea at No 9, and she happily accepts the offer. But, Hope remains less than friendly especially after Sam offers to teach Eliza how to play chess.

Towards the end of the week, Stu receives a confirmation email stating that his granddaughter has been accepted to Weatherfield High, starting after the upcoming half term. Upon hearing the news, Yasmeen proposes that they throw a birthday party for her, which leaves Eliza overjoyed with excitement.

Coronation Street: Sam Blakeman (Jude Riordan)

Then, Hope learns about the plan when Stu tells Tyrone about the party. She’ll be tasked to come up with a list of friends they can invite to attend the celebration.

Coronation Street Spoilers – Prepares Lighter Storyline For Hope Stape

Meanwhile, Coronation Street confirmed earlier this year that Hope Stape will have lighter storylines.
“She’s certainly not going to continue going down such a troubled path, in the short to medium to long-term,” executive producer Iain MacLeod said.

“We thought: ‘Actually, we’ve done some very dark and twisted things with that character, and okay that’ll still be part of her, but for the next 12 months we’re going to do normal pre-teen stuff,” he continued.

“We’re going to be building a friendship with her and Sam [Blakeman], that will verge on a very innocent pre-teen romance a little bit and they try to navigate those waters,” he added.

He explained that Hope “is wired a bit differently than most kids her age.” He added that she won’t get the professional help she needs but viewers will get to see her more down-to-earth grounded side.

Coronation Street Spoilers – Claire Sweeney Joins Coronation Street

Claire Sweeney joins the cast of Coronation Street as Tyrone Dobb’s mother. Fans may recall that Tyrone believed that her mother was Jackie Dobbs (Margi Clarke) for the longest time. He learned, after doing some research, that Evelyn Plummer’s daughter was his biological mother.

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