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‘Coronation Street’ Star James Craven Talks Rape Storyline

Coronation Street spoilers, news, and updates tease that James Craven expressed his thoughts about his character’s involvement in the rape storyline.

In the upcoming episodes of the longest-running soap, Aaron gets to see Amy once again during Nina’s surprise birthday party. It all starts when Asha messes up with the venue and the young man offers the builder’s yard flat as an alternative. With Amy’s permission, Aadi invites Aaron to the party as a thank you.

As the party is going on, Aaron spends his time talking and giving flirty banters to a group of girls. Meanwhile, he spots Amy and approaches her, leading the young lady to feel uncomfortable when he places his hand on her shoulder.

Coronation Street: James Craven

As fear starts to wrap around her being, Amy tearfully runs away from the man and tells Summer and Aadi about the nonconsensual intimate moment. When the girls leave the party, Aadi stays behind and confronts Aaron, who denies the allegations.

Coronation Street Spoilers – James Craven Shares Insights About Aaron Sandford’s Storyline

During his latest interview, James Craven admitted that he was having a difficult time playing his role in the current storyline. “It was always clear to me that what he’s done is wrong, but I had to try and think about everything from his point of view, and he just doesn’t think he’s done anything wrong,” the actor told Digital Spy.

He stated that Aaron believes that he was innocent, leading James to have a hard time portraying his character due to their different point of view.

Despite the traumatic storyline, Craven expressed his delight in its great plot as it made the viewers address the issue. Moreover, it would help young minds to realize that getting intimate without consent is wrong.

Coronation Street Spoilers – James Craven Teases ‘A Very Long Way’ for Aaron Sandford

“If anyone any gender has experienced sexual abuse or something of this nature, it’s important to let them know that there is stuff that they can do about it, and it’s never acceptable for something like this to happen,” the actor stated. Craven also hinted about “a very long way” for his character, Aaron Sandford.

Though what his character did was wrong, Craven believed that Aaron is a good man, who made a terrible mistake that can completely affect his life and his relationship with the people around him. “It’s something that could potentially ruin his life and it’s about his journey to accepting that and coming to terms with that,” he uttered.

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