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Coronation Street’s Amy Barlow Gets Accused Of Harassment

Coronation Street spoilers, news, and updates tease that Amy Barlow got a harassment case after she confronted Aaron’s ex-girlfriend about her rape experience.

In the previous scenes of the longest-running soap, Amy got a lot on her plate and started to find comfort in alcoholic beverages. Following the excessive liquor intake, she found herself in a hospital bed as she lost her senses in the street. One day, Summer invited her alongside Aadi to attend Billy’s Eurovision party. However, Amy declined the idea as she was planning to have a lunch date with a guy named Ezra.

Though she was sad that her friend can’t join them, Summer helped Amy to prepare and apply makeup to her face. Meanwhile, Amy spotted Aaron kissing a girl in Victoria Garden, leading her to feel odd as she thought about their drunken night together. Later that day, Amy approached Aadi and told him about her struggles to move on from her traumatic past.

Amy Barlow

Coronation Street Spoilers – Amy Barlow Tells Mia About the Rape Incident

In the recent episode of “Coronation Street,” Amy was bothered when her rapist continued to move on from the unconsented night together.

She got mad when she saw Aaron dating his ex-girlfriend, Mia, again. Meanwhile, as she spotted Mia at the garage, Amy immediately told the girl that Aaron raped her. Though she was in shock, Mia ended up accusing Amy of making up stories to drag her boyfriend down.

Later that day, Mia confronted Aaron about Amy’s story, leading the man to convince her that they truly slept together and that the youngster agreed to do it.

Following his lies, the new girlfriend was convinced with Aaron’s statement. In the apartment, Amy received a knock from DS Swain, telling her about the allegations she did against Aaron.

Was it Mia behind the police report? When will Amy finally be free from her trauma?

Coronation Street Spoilers – Elle Mulvaney Talks About Her Character’s Protectiveness

During her recent interview, Elle Mulvaney opened up about Amy trying to protect Mia from her rapist. “She instantly feels protective of Mia because she thinks, ‘Does this girl know what he’s capable of?’” the actress told Moreover, she revealed that her character was curious about Mia’s past experiences with Aaron.

“Her main goal is to try and protect this girl and warn her. There were never any feelings from Amy towards Aaron, other than that one kiss, so it’s not a jealousy thing.

It’s more of a protective thing. She doesn’t want anybody else to have to go through what she’s gone through,” Mulvaney added.

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