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Aquaman Star Jason Momoa Has A Car Accident – Fans React

Aquaman Star Jason Momoa Has A Car Accident - Fans ReactJason Momoa is famous and popular and left his mark on the world with Aquaman when he played the role of Curry. The Hawaiian was previously featured in Baywatch: Hawaii, but the movie made him and plenty of fans feel a bit anxious as he was involved in a car accident this weekend. Notably, it wasn’t his fault.

Jason Momoa Has An Accident Near Calabasas

Recently, the hunky movie star made the headlines as he also appears in Aquaman 2. Additionally, he took sides in Amber Heard’s trial. In a coincidental crossover, Amber’s case had a psychiatrist named Shannon Curry. That’s beside the point, but anyway, Aquaman fans found out that he didn’t side with his colleague from the movie. So, some tabloids reported about that. 

Some Jason Momoa fans went off him a little bit at the beginning of the year. That came when the news arrived that he might be dating Eiza González. As he split from Lisa Bonet after about 20 years, some people accused him of being a cheater. And, that wasn’t forgotten this weekend when fans heard about his accident near Calabasas. 

Jason Momoa Loves Cars And Bikes

Anyone who follows the Aquaman and SEE star on Apple TV knows that he loves cars and bikes. Naturally, when TMZ reported about the car smash, fans hoped he wasn’t riding a bike. After all, bike riders often come off second best when they get involved in road accidents. Fortunately, he was in a car, and the biker involved in the smash has a very narrow escape. So, it seems he didn’t suffer life-threatening injuries.

Aquaman Star Jason Momoa Has A Car Accident Fans React
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According to the outlet, Jason Momoa was driving along, when a biker moved into his lane. It happened on a corner and resulted in a “head-on” collision. The outlet noted that it happened on “Old Topanga Canyon Road,” and the actor was driving his Oldsmobile muscle car. Apparently, the bike rider flew up, bounced off the windscreen, and landed “on his feet!”

Aquaman Fans React To Car Smash

Fans of Jason Momoa took to the comments section of TMZ’s post about it on Twitter. Recalling the split from Lisa Bonet, one critic shared a link with the caption, “Only Fan Girl Says Its Ok To Cheat.” 

Well, other fans worried about the biker:

Meanwhile, this comment arrived: God bless both of you two men who were involved in the accident 🙏,” which seemed very sweet. 

Most people sounded relieved that nobody was badly hurt, although bike lovers felt a bit sad that the bike probably got a lot of damage. 

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