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Extreme Summer Heat Makes Queen Elizabeth Break Royal Protocol

Extreme Summer Heat Makes Queen Elizabeth Break Royal ProtocolIf you’re a royal watcher, you’ve probably seen the picture of the Palace Guard being aided to water while on duty by a good person. As temperatures continue to soar in the U.K., safety guidelines are being put in place to endeavor that no one suffers from a heat stroke. As always, the Queen has decided to pave the way.

Queen Elizabeth Allows Royal Guards to Shelter From the Heat

After midday temperatures reached 40C in London, the Queen’s ceremonial guards were allowed to start taking shelter from the killing heat.

The breaks didn’t only apply to the ones outside Windsor Castle, but throughout all the royal attractions as UK’s temperature reached record-breaking heights.

This is coming after pictures of the guardsmen, clad in their traditional bear-skinned hats and heavy red tunics and which showed them looking uncomfortably hot, were posted online.

The Ministry of Defence confirmed that the soldiers stationed at the Tower of London, Buckingham Palace, St. James’ Palace, and Windsor Castle were withdrawn at noon due to it being unfavorably hot at that time of day. The Sentry Duty job involves standing completely still for 2 hours. Those in the Royal Guardrooms were told to remain on duty in case they can offer support to the police.

The conversation about working conditions also raised the question “how hot is too hot to work?” Trade unions called on the government to introduce a maximum temperature limit for workplaces in the UK.

Royal Insider Says The Well-Being Of The Soldiers Is A Priority

A spokesperson for the army released a statement detailing the accommodations being made for the Queen’s guards during this tormenting heat wave.

“The wellbeing of our soldiers is a priority at all times and we have put in place additional measures this week such as regular checks, flexible duties, and additional water to ensure they can continue to safely carry out their duties,” they told Insider.

The Changing of the Guard ceremony at Buckingham Palace was also shortened and guards had their duties reduced due to the scorching temperatures.

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