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Ben Affleck “Wants Space” From Jennifer Lopez’s “Controlling” Behaviour

Looks like there’s already trouble in Paradise in the marriage of Jennifer, and Ben Affleck, or should I say Bennifer? One of the so many clues that the couple’s marriage is on shaky ground is Ben’s reaction during the 2023 Grammys.

The “Daredevil” actor was caught on camera during the Grammys looking anything but entertained. In fact, his bored expression ended up being the entertainment of the night for a lot of people as they didn’t waste time using his look as a meme.

Another thing that went viral during the Grammys was Jennifer’s reaction to Ben’s countenance. Reports alleged that the “Marry Me” actress snapped at her husband to behave well after seeing his viral meme from her phone. An action said to have embarrassed Ben dearly.

Ben Affleck — Ben “Wants Space” From Jennifer But “Divorce Is Not An Option”

Following the actions and reactions of the events from the Grammys— courtesy of Bennifer, there have been talks that the couple’s marriage is no longer the bed of roses it once was.

Ben Affleck "Wants Space" From Jennifer Lopez's "Controlling" Behaviour

Several reports have it that Jennifer is gradually becoming the man of the house as she is now the one controlling things. In fact, an insider close to the couple shared with “Us Weekly” that the star of “Deep Water” feels suffocated in his marriage with the “Shotgun Wedding” star.

According to the insider, “They try to play it down, but the tension’s plain for all to see,” the insider also noted that “The consensus is that she’s tough on Ben and intense in ways that he’s finding difficult to take.”

Speaking of the embarrassing moment when Jennifer snapped at Ben, the insider said, “He was really embarrassed caught on video having the riot act read to him by his wife. It was humiliating. He’s desperate for a bit more independence, but also knows this is his bed, he’s got to lie in it. Divorce is absolutely not an option.”

The insider also revealed that at the initial stage of the marriage, Ben was the one in charge until Jennifer “Slowly took control. He wants more space to be himself and won’t tolerate being henpecked.”

For Bennifer to try to make their marriage work means they really want to honor their “For better or worse,” promise.

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  1. Jp says

    Jennifer doesn’t know that controlling behavior is linked to abuse. Keep your manhood, Ben and let her know that a man is the head of a woman and that is how we were created. This woman needs to get on her knees and pray and look at her own faults and work onv those. I SUPPOSE SHE HAS TO HEN PECK MEN. BEN, YOU ARE A REAL MAN.

  2. Pamela Fitzgerald says

    I love the very talented Kelly Clarkson!
    But my Lord Kelly you talk non stop.. With your guests!! You need to let them speak!!! They are your guests!! You talk over them, through them and above them… You’re a great host… Just take a break after you introduce them…

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