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Boy Meets World Star Trina McGee Confirms Pregnancy At 54 Years Old

Boy Meets World Star Trina McGee Confirms Pregnancy At 54 Years OldBoy Meets World actress Trina McGee is currently pregnant with baby number four.  Congratulations are certainly in order seeing as how the talented actress is 54 years old! 

Trina recently opened up about her miracle pregnancy, and getting ready for a baby when most people her age are getting ready for retirement.  Check out what the former Boy Meets World cast member had to say.

Boy Meets World – Star Confirms Miracle Pregnancy

If you aren’t familiar with actress Trina McGee, you will most likely recognize her from her role as Angela Moore on the iconic sitcom Boy Meets World from 1997-2000.  She also appeared in movies like the Birdcage, Friday After Next, and Daylight in the late 90’s. 

McGee had small roles on a few primetime TV shows like Picket Fences, Martin, A Different World, and Family Matters.  In 2015 she returned as Angela Moore in the Boy Meets World spinoff, Girl Meets World.

The pregnant 54 year old recently confirmed the baby news to People Magazine, and she revealed that her pregnancy was conceived naturally and a “miracle.”

Pregnant 54 Year Old Actress Dishes On Baby

Trina McGee explained, “I just kept saying, ‘Is this really happening?’ I still do that. ‘Is this really happening?’ But it is.  Then, I’ll get sick, or I’ll do something weird [and] it has to do with pregnancy. And I’m like, ‘This is really happening.’ And I’m remembering all the other times when I was pregnant, you know, 25 years ago, and I’m like, wow, this is it. This is really happening. It’s wonderful. It’s great.”

Can you imagine having three adult children in their 30’s, and then learning that you have a newborn baby on the way?  At least Trina will have plenty of help with her new “miracle baby,” who she will share with her husband Marcello Thedford.

What do you think about the Boy Meets World star’s shocking pregnancy?  Who is the oldest woman you knew that was pregnant, was she anywhere near 54 years?

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