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Kris Jenner’s Odd Surrogacy Request At The Age Of 68

Kris Jenner’s Odd Surrogacy Request At The Age Of 68Kris Jenner has her hands full at the moment as a reality TV star and momager of six adult children; however, could she add a surrogacy stint for a close friend? She was recently asked about carrying another baby at 68 years of age, and potentially being a surrogate, so what was her answer?

“The Kardashians”: Could Kris Jenner Have Another Baby?

During The Kardashians June 13 episode, Khloe Kardashian and her bestie Malika Haqq talked about expanding her family. Malika does not have a partner, but one son (Ace), and the thought of giving him a sibling, tugged at her heart.

The two ladies went to a sperm bank, but that didn’t sit well with Malik. They also approached Rob Kardashian, since he and Malika had a “flirty” relationship, but he said no. The two ladies would eventually meet up with Kris and Scott Disick.

As per People, Jenner, who is Ace’s godmother, related to Malika’s plight to give her son a sibling, stating, “I know what it must feel like to want a sibling for your baby because I always had that feeling deep down in my heart and my soul. And that’s why I had six kids. You know, I mean, when I was — I had a baby at 23 and then every couple years I had a baby for a while and then I got married and had two more. So that was always my passion.”

Jenner also admitted that if she could be pregnant right now, she would. This prompted Malika to say, “You can carry for me, you can be my surrogate.”

“The Kardashians”: Thanks, But No Thanks

Malika was likely joking when she asked, but Jenner still made it clear that surrogacy from her was a hard no. With that being said, as the show was filmed in October 2023, Khloe reminded Malika that the holidays were around the corner, and she could meet someone at an event or party. If the two fell in love that person could be the one to help her grow her family.

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