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Drew Barrymore Wants Her Kids To Hold Back On Acting Until They’re at Least ‘North of 14, 15’

For someone who came from a generation of actors ranging from her great, great, great, grandparents from both sides of her family including herself, It’ll be strange if Drew Barrymore‘s children wouldn’t wish to toe the same line.

Having started appearing on TV from as young as 11 months old, Drew would later go on to make a name for herself in the acting industry and it’s quite fitting that her children Olive, 11, and Frankie, 10, would want to do the same at about the same age their mom started if given the opportunity.

In an exclusive interview with PEOPLE, the star of “50 First Dates” told the outlet, “When I first had kids, I remember people asking me like, ‘Well, would you want your kids to go into the business?’ And it always gave me such a sad feeling, as if this business was so toxic, like, ‘Ew,’” she continued, “And I just thought, that’s not how I feel about this business at all. It has given me every opportunity under the sun and I couldn’t appreciate my life more.”

Drew Barrymore Wants Her Kids To Hold Back On Acting Until They’re at Least ‘North of 14, 15’

She went on to say, “My kids ask me all the time — they would love to be in film or on social media or sing or whatever. I always just say, ‘School plays, theater camp, everything [yes].’ But being in the public eye, [no] until…’ And then they say, ‘Well, what’s the number?’ And I always say, ‘I know you want an answer, and I know the fact that I can’t give you one that’s so specific isn’t satisfying, but it’s going to be a feeling. It’s going to be when I think you’re ready.”

Although she’s very sure that they’re not yet ready to face that part of the world, when she feels they are, she’ll be right beside them every step of the way, “As a parent, I would really love to support my kids when they’re older. Again, what number is that?

I don’t know, but it’s not 13 and it’s probably not 14. It’s up there, but your kid will present themselves in a way where you’ve got to listen to them and support them and trust them. And I don’t know what number that is, but it’s probably north of 14, 15.”

Drew Barrymore — Reactions Following Drew’s Interview

Apparently, the urge to act has everything to do with her genetics because back in 2022, Drew told PEOPLE, “Something in being a part of my dad’s family has been such a cosmic, spiritual, magnetic pull, I feel so compelled to do what they do.”

After the interview which was published on April 14, fans took to Reddit to discuss if Drew made the right choice to keep her kids from acting till they are a bit of age. Someone wrote, “Given her experiences, it’s surprising she would allow them to be involved in the industry at all before they’re adults.”

Another person who thought there was an error in Drew’s words corrected, “‘They need to be 14-15 before they’re allowed to get roles and take advantage of the nepotism, not because they aren’t talented, but because I have exclusive connections to everyone in Hollywood and they’ll have virtually no problem getting work, unlike literally everyone else that doesn’t have a famous parent in the industry to provide support and connections while they pursue their careers in showbiz'” before adding, “Alright I fixed the quote.”

The same person went on to add, “But in all seriousness, eventually it’s going to be too difficult and costly for anyone not related to someone already in the industry to get major legit work and all we will be left with the the sons daughters grandsons granddaughters nieces and nephews of Hollywood people over saturating the available talent pool. Oh wait they already did that.”

A third opined, “Kids shouldn’t be barred from acting. Its something I’ve seen so many kids in school get into when it comes to theater and they enjoy acting in and of itself. The problem arises when you don’t have active parents to keep you away from bad things. I see Drew as someone who would protect her kids and be an actual active parent compared to her own parents.

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