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Eva Mendes Admits She Shaves Her Face

Sometimes you just have to do what you just have to do. Even though she’s considered one of the most beautiful actresses in the entertainment industry, Eva Mendes recently went on the record to say that she shaves her face. Why?

Because she feels like she sometimes looks like a hairy beast! Keep reading below for everything she has to say.

Eva Mendes – Admits She Shaves Her Face

Well, it’s not everyday that you hear about an actress that has a 5 o’clock shadow, but Eva says that she’s one of them. She recently wrote on her Instagram account, “I guess dermaplaning is the preferred word but it is what it is and I LOVE it!” while also adding, “I’m a beast so I probably need every other day! Ha. My hair grows back if I get chills. ’ll literally be shaving my legs in the shower and get chills and all my work is undone!”

But is it really odd for a woman to admit that she shaves her face? Not really. That’s because it seems like a lot of people do these days.

Eva Mendes Admits She Shaves Her Face

Some fans have commented on Eva’s Instagram account with, “Halle Berry does too! She posted on Insta using her electric shaver. Hey, why not?

Glad women are speaking up about it, there are a lot of hairy women. My sister got that gene from my Dad, it skipped me- whew,” along with, “Fellow she-beast. Fortunately most of my body hair is blonde so I can get away with more. My grandpa was very hairy and he was my favorite person of all time, so I just smile when I look at my own hairy arms. Don’t care what society sees.”

Eva Mendes – Feels Like She’s A Beast

Another fan said, “I spent hundreds of dollars on electrolysis for my chin hairs, and it didn’t really work. I don’t have PCOS, but still need my hormones checked when I go to my well woman exam next month. It drives me fucking insane having to shave / pluck every single day.”

Hey, if Ryan Gosling is happy about it, then we can say that the rest of us should be happy about it, too. You do you, Eva.

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