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Hailey Bieber Faces Backlash For Releasing ‘Unnecessary’ Phone Case

Hailey Bieber‘s skincare brand “Rhode Skin” is really making waves and has been selling out since its inception in June 2022.

The supermodel recently teased a new product for her beauty line which is a phone pouch that has a provision for lipgloss to be latched on at the back.

The phone case which is called a lip case is said to be “compatible with iPhone 14 or 15 Pro/Pro Max,” and costs just $35. The item will be released on February 27 and can be found on “Rhode Skin official website.”

When the 27-year-old first introduced the lip case, fans were amazed by how she was able to come up with the idea of attaching a lipgloss behind your phone case to keep it handy whenever it’s needed.

Some went on to call her idea “genius,” while some said, “a phone case with a lip tint holder. she’s really a trendsetter.” However, a side-by-side photo of the 27-year-old with the lip case was recently shared on X (formerly known as Twitter) and critics couldn’t help but bash her idea of making money.

Hailey Bieber Faces Backlash For Releasing 'Unnecessary' Phone Case

Someone tweeted, “Capitalism strikes again. On top of the case being super ugly, why would anyone want their lip balm on the back of their phone? Tryna fix a problem that don’t even exist. And “viral” is a HUGE reach.” Another queried, “Why is this a necessity?” And a third asserted, “Nobody asked for that and nobody buying that.”

Meanwhile, this backlash came after Hailey was accused of seducing a guest in her recent YouTube video.

Hailey Bieber — How Did Hailey Seduce Her Guest?

The “Rhode” founder Hailey was accused of attempted seduction by her guest Chelsea Handler, and that’s the funniest thing you’ll ever watch. In a recent video, the supermodel was interviewing the comedian about Valentine’s Day on her YouTube when her unexpected action made Chandler accuse her of attempted seduction.

In the clip, Chelsea wore a black jumpsuit while the wife of Justin Bieber donned on a black dress designed with white dots. The dress had a low cut on her chest area. The two sat across each other at a table full of food.

When Hailey, 27, dipped food in a chocolate and tried to eat, it slipped off her fingers and fell on her exposed chest leading Chelsea, 48, to exclaim, “Oh my God, are you trying to seduce me?”

Hailey on her part found the question funny and laughed it off while trying to wipe off the food on her chest but Chelsea continued, “Oh my God Hailey, this is a professional setting. I came for an interview, okay? And you’re married. This is embarrassing for you.” Hailey apologized and replied, “I’m just being really inappropriate this episode.”

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