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Hilaria Baldwin Slammed For Allowing 10-Year-Old Daughter To Wear Full Face Of Makeup

Social Media users are not taking it lightly with Hilaria Baldwin after seeing the recent photo of her eldest daughter.

The former yoga instructor was recently bashed online by social media users after she shared a picture of her and her 10-year-old daughter Carmen on Instagram on Sunday, February 18.

The picture in question featured the mom and daughter duo wearing full makeup on their faces. In the post, Hillaria shared that she and her daughter were about to attend a dinner date. She also credited Carmen for their gorgeous makeup faces.

Her post read, “Date night with my first baby … she did both our makeup,” she went on to add, “How quickly they get big and how amazing it is to get to be inspired by them. Carmen, you are such a special soul … just like your siblings … all unique and equally incredible.”

Hilaria Baldwin Slammed For Allowing 10-Year-Old Daughter To Wear Full Face Of Makeup

The 40-year-old also took the opportunity to appreciate her husband Alec Baldwin, 65, in honor of their anniversary, her post continued, “Met you today, 13 years ago, @alecbaldwininsta,” she wrote. “What a journey we have made.”

Hilaria Baldwin — About The Reactions On Hilaria’s Post

Some of her followers that didn’t care to know if Carmen loves painting hence the reason for making both herself and her mom up, went to the comments section to slam Hilaria.

One person wrote, “Beautiful. But as the mother of two daughters … too young for the makeup/grown up look,” another asked, “Isn’t she too young for makeup?” and another screamed, “She is a child. Please!”

A fourth commenter wrote, “Too much makeup..both of you,” and a fifth advised, “I actually think it’s sad that people let there kids [wear] makeup and false nails etc at 10 yrs old,” the sixth person concluded, “It [says] everything about what kind of parent you are.”

Meanwhile, not everyone was against the makeup photo. Some had good things to say and Hilaria made sure to reply to those ones.

Someone wrote, “All these comments about wearing makeup. She is having a fun time with her mummy and what a great way to do it. My daughter and I used to do each other’s makeup it’s a great way to bond, especially with the eldest in a big family. Please be kind .”

Alec on the other hand reciprocated his wife’s post that same Sunday with a throwback picture from their wedding in 2012 and wrote, “February 18, 2011. Things were about to change in a big way. @bocartist and I roaming Irving Place. And who do I find there? I am more grateful for you than anything.”

Later that same day, Hilaria shared a video via her Instagram story explaining her daughter began experimenting with Makeup. “I remember when you were maybe 3, I had just received a line of lipstick … and it was bright blue. She wanted to paint her face bright blue. The whole face blue. She looked like a little Smurf and it was super cute. And I was like go for it, it’s art. And now you’ve gotten so much better at it because we’re going out and I do not look like a Smurf.”

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