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Todd Chrisley Complains He’s Denied Church Services In Prison

Slow your horses everyone, because Todd Chrisley is complaining yet again… Yes, from the big slammer. The food’s no good, the cockroaches aren’t friendly, their communication system is outdated, and now they’re being denied the right to worship. Okay.

Todd Chrisley Accuses Prison Of Trying To Intimidate Him By Denying Him Church Services

Todd Chrisley won’t shut up about the way he’s being treated in prison, even if it’s not scoring him some points.

Needless to say, incarcerated people deserve access to clean and healthy living conditions, but the reality TV star feels that what he’s been given so far isn’t up to standards.

Todd Chrisley Complains He's Denied Church Services In Prison

While we’re yet to hear Julie complain about life in the big house, Todd has had new complaints to make public almost every week via his daughter Savannah and his own interviews – he and wife Julie are serving prison sentences for bank fraud and lying about their finances.

Camp Fed has a lot of errors, and Todd Chrisley is determined to point every single one of them out.

In fact, he’s done it so much he now believes that prison wardens are particularly targeting him. Will he be silenced? Todd says no!

Due to continued interviews with NewsNation, the “Chrisley Knows Best” alum believes a priest was told to leave right in the middle of service to spite him.

He said of the experience, “That was their way of trying to intimidate me. I just walked out and said, ‘It ain’t going to change what I’m going to say.’”

While the Federal Bureau of Prisons did not comment on this particular case, they have stated that inmates of any religious faith are allowed and given the opportunity to practice their faith.

On top of this, they have promised that the “humane treatment” of inmates, regardless of gender, continue to be a top priority.

Todd, being the religious man that he is, insists that he’ll be coming home soon. “God is going to take me out of here. God knew when I was coming in here, and he knows when I am going out,” he said.

He and his wife are still appealing their cases and a hearing is set to be held this coming April.

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