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Jennifer Lopez’s Mother Guadalupe Prayed For 20 Years For Her To Get Back With Ben Affleck

Sometimes mom just knows best, right? Apparently, Jennifer Lopez’s mother Guadalupe Rodriguez has been spending a lot of time these past twenty years praying for her daughter to get back with Ben Affleck.

And wouldn’t you know, it all worked in everyone’s favor at the end of the day. Keep reading below for everything you need to know.

Jennifer Lopez’s Mother Guadalupe Has Been Praying For 20 Years For Her To Get Back Together With Ben Affleck

Guadalupe accompanied her famous daughter to the Today Show for a special joint interview. The two talked about Jennifer’s rekindled romance with the Hollywood actor and that’s when Guadalupe said that her prayers were finally answered.

She said, “I knew that you would always get back together because I prayed for 20 years.”

Jennifer Lopez’s Mother Guadalupe Has Been Praying For 20 Years For Her To Get Back Together With Ben Affleck

Clearly, everyone in Jen’s family is just as happy as she is with having Ben back in her life. Jennifer herself even added, “I went on an incredible journey through my life for past 20 years, and I think I’ve grown a lot. The album is really about capturing those moments in time. Falling in love and having that moment, then 20 years later trying to capture what this moment was, which was a very different thing.”

When asked if her love with Ben is even better this second time around, Jennifer added, ““I think when you have life experience behind you, you realize what’s really important. I love what I do.

I have always said that, but since I had kids, that changed for me. Now, having a family in this way and being married, you start rejiggering everything. What is really important? How much do I want to work? You start realizing what I want to do with my life.”

Ben Affleck Gushed About Jennifer Lopez Too

Back in April, Ben Affleck also gushed about his wife and called her the best performer of all time. He said, “The songs that have been written about me have been written by the greatest performer in the history of the world, Jennifer Lopez. I don’t know if they are exactly about me, as maybe inspired by me because there are some negative things in there. She’s amazing.”

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