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Critics Predicting A Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck ‘Epic’ Divorce

Is there something that the world knows that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez clearly don’t know? Because it seems like everyone in the world is predicting Bennifer’s epic divorce.

This, after the couple were spotted fighting or looking miserable together multiple times in public. Here’s what you need to know.

Critics Are Predicting Bennifer’s ‘Epic’ Divorce

It all began back in February when Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez were caught on camera arguing at the Grammy Awards. Then just this week the couple were once again spotted getting snippy with one another while on the movie premiere and red carpet for Jennifer’s new movie, The Mother.

If that weren’t enough, the paparazzi also caught Ben Affleck slamming the door on Jennifer with photographers catching the moment. Clearly something is going on behind the scenes and critics want to know what it is!

Critics Are Predicting Bennifer’s ‘Epic’ Divorce

Of course, many critics sure did have a lot to say about the matter. Some took to social media to share comments such as, “There was a reason Bennifer 1.0 didn’t work out. No lessons were learned, obviously. It’s like putting spoilt milk back in the fridge and expecting to be good next time you opened the fridge door,” along with, “Could Benjamin get any more exhausted! Dude needs a scooter with a cute little ashtray attached!”

Are Ben And Jennifer Headed Towards A Split?

Another critic wrote, “I think they just try to save face at this point. This is J.Lo’s 4th marriage and they just tied the knot last year. I think they’re completely over each other and know it doesn’t work but a 4th divorce after a short marriage would be too embarrassing even for them, especially after all the ‘love of my life’ talk.”

And then there was this comment, too: “Their divorce is going to be epic. I will enjoy seeing them (especially JLo) get the dragging they deserve. Ben seems like he would be more than happy to live his life completely out of the spotlight and away from Hollywood, and do normal people’s life stuff (with lots of money). But he married JLo, who thinks if she waits long enough, she can recreate the love (and interest) they had 20 years ago.”

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