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Jewel Opens Up About Her Romance With Kevin Costner, For The First Time

There’s a first time for everything, and singer Jewel recently opened up about her new romance with Yellowstone star Kevin Costner. What exactly did she reveal? Time to dive right in!

Jewel Comments On Her Relationship With Kevin Costner

Jewel was recently featured in Elle Magazine. During the chat, she talked about her new boyfriend, actor Kevin Costner.

She notes that Costner is a “great person”, and while blushing she goes on to say that the public’s “fascination” with their relationship is “intense for sure”.

Remaining private with the rest of the details of their relationship, this was all Jewel said in the Elle Magazine interview when it came to her boyfriend.

Jewel Opens Up About Her Romance With Kevin Costner, For The First Time

Still, the fact that she didn’t deny a romance with the actor and “blushingly” brought up the public’s fascination with the twosome speaks volumes, essentially confirming there is, indeed, a romance between the two.

Who Was Jewel And Kevin Costner’s Matchmaker?

It’s hard not to wonder who matched Kevin and Jewel up. While her cousin Q’orianka Kilcher stars in Yellowstone, too, it was actually Richard Branson who brought the two together.

Both Jewel and Costner have been friends with the head honcho of Virgin for years, and it looks as if he foresaw a good coupling and helped play matchmaker for this couple.

After all, while it may seem as if they are opposites – he’s a Hollywood film actor and she’s known for her folk songs and starring in the Discovery series, Alaska: The Last Frontier – they do have a lot in common. Both love playing the guitar and singing; both love to fish and ride horses

Kevin likes doing this the old-fashioned way, and Jewel knows all about traditional living growing up on the Kilcher homestead in Alaska. According to reports, she loves Kevin’s “country and western” vibe, as well.

The romance first surfaced after a charity fundraiser held on Branson’s Necker Island. As Jewel introduced her Inspiring Children Foundation, Kevin was shown with her arms around her.

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