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Kardashian Fans Think Kendall Jenner Is Pregnant For This Reason

Kendall Jenner left her fans confused after her recent mirror selfie hinted that she may or may not be with child. The selfie which the supermodel posted on her Instagram featured her holding up close to her left eye an object that looks like a pregnancy test as she flashed her teeth at the mirror. However, a closer look cleared their confusion.

Kendall was actually promoting Moon Oral Care a teeth-whitening brand which she collaborates with by showing off a pen from the brand that has her name boldly written on it.

In the picture, Kendall wore an oversized sweatshirt. It can be argued that a quick glance at the teeth-whitening pen, coupled with the oversize cloth gave out the image that Kendall held a pregnancy test in her hand.

Kendall Jenner — Fans’ Reaction To Their Initial Confusion

After probably, what took like a minute or two, fans realized that the object isn’t a pregnancy test so they came to the comment section to spill their initial confusion. One person wrote, “Oh, for a second, I thought you were gonna be having some baby bunnies.”

Kardashian Fans Think Kendall Jenner Is Pregnant For This Reason

Another said, “At first, I thought she was holding a pregnancy test in the mirror!” The third commenter concluded, “I thought this was a pregnancy test too,” along with a skull emoji.

Even the fourth person made the same mistake and revealed they, “Thought it was a pregnancy stick for a sec,” with a shocked face emoji.

Meanwhile, the “Victoria’s Secret” model is enjoying her relationship with Puerto Rico artist Bad Bunny but, despite how happy she seems in her relationship, her ex-boyfriend Devin Booker thinks the relationship wouldn’t last.

Kendall Jenner — Devin’s Thoughts On Kendall And Bad Bunny’s Romance

According to what a source close to the NBA star revealed to Us Weekly, Devin thinks Kendall and Bunny will call it quits anytime soon.

The source said, “Devin doesn’t believe for one minute that Kendall and Bad Bunny’s relationship is that serious. He doesn’t think he’s her type and finds it difficult to believe there’s any longevity there between them.”

The insider also hinted at Devin’s feelings for Kendall, explaining that Devin “is not completely over” his ex-girlfriend Kendall.

The source further said, “They dated for a long time, and he still cares about her. He’s not actively trying to get back with her but isn’t exactly opposed to the idea either.”

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