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Kelly Ripa Sparks All My Children Reboot Rumors

Could Kelly Ripa want to end her long reign on her talk show soon? The host of Live With Kelly And Mark hinted at that possibility.

And that led to rumors about a reboot of the soap opera that began her career, All My Children.

Find out what Kelly shared about exiting her talk show. And learn what the All My Children alum has revealed about a reboot. Get all the details below.

Kelly Ripa Hints At Exiting Talk Show

The talk show Live With Kelly and Mark has gradually found its audience after Ryan Seacrest left. But now Kelly has sparked rumors about an All My Children reboot by hinting at an exit from her talk show.

Kelly Ripa Sparks All My Children Reboot Rumors

And she shared that after 22 years on the talk show, she doesn’t plan to stay there for the “rest of her life,” according to the Daily Mail.

Kelly, 52, shared that she does enjoy co-hosting currently with her husband Mark Consuelos. But she also admitted to discussing “retirement with great interest. But right now I’m very happy, especially working with Mark,” added Ripa.

And the talk show host shared that she has adjusted to her empty nest after her youngest child, Joaquin, left for the University of Michigan last year. “I know that there are women out there who dread it, and I was dreading it,” noted Kelly about her kids moving out. “And it is so great.”

All My Children Reboot Rumors Soar

But Ripa shared that she and Consuelos, 52, have spent time discussing their future. However, she admitted that her “risk-averse” nature comes into play as she stays on her talk show.

I think the risk-averse quality I have is probably the reason I stayed with the same job for so long,” she shared. “Other offers come along,” added Kelly. “But I like to stick with what I know.”

However, All My Children fans hope that Ripa will consider that she already knows the soap opera, enticing her to work on a reboot.

Kelly portrayed Hayley Vaughan on ABC’s All My Children from 1990 to 2002. And her now-husband Mark played her character’s love interest, Mateo Santos, from 1995 to 2002.

However, the couple starred in episodes in 2010 as well to celebrate the show’s 40th anniversary, noted She Knows.

And Consuelos has teamed up with Ripa to try to get All My Children rebooted as a prime-time soap opera. That version, which would use the soap’s setting of Pine Valley for its title, did go into development at ABC several years ago.

And Kelly wanted to executive produce with Mark. However, she described the reboot as “in the queue” last year.

“I don’t even know where that is in the queue,” admitted Ripa. But she added, “Hopefully, it comes back. And hopefully sooner rather than later.

Because, for me, that’s really, you know, that, to me, is the thing that I care about the most,” shared Kelly. “Because All My Children is responsible for every good thing that happened to me in my life.”

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