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Ken Todd And Lisa Vanderpump In Trouble Again: Sued For Not Paying Fruit And Vegetable Bills

Ken Todd And Lisa VanderpumpLisa Vanderpump seems to be one of the celebrities who have a lot on their plate recently. In 2019, she left the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills unceremoniously because of the fight she had with Kyle and she was tired of keeping up with the mean girls.

When the pandemic started, it took a toll on her show, Vanderpump Rules but it seems things are beginning to change. Starting next month, Lisa will be releasing her new show Overserved WIth Lisa Vanderpump on E! This show is set to take place in Villa Rosa where two or three celebrity guests would have a fun and candid conversation with Lisa.

Amidst these giant strides, Lisa is currently facing some challenges. Both she and her husband, Ken Todd are being sued again over another issue. Just like many restaurants during the pandemic, they struggled to keep her business afloat. As a result, Lisa and Ken Todd’s operations were shut down. However, these business owners still got the required amount of veggies and fruits needed to operate their business.

RHOBH – The Lawsuit

Their major supplier, West Central Produce, is suing the restaurants- PUMP and Villa Blanca for their past deliveries. According to the lawsuit, WCP claims it got its last payment from Villa Blanca and PUMP in March 2020. WCP received $8,890 for supplying fruits and veggies to Villa Blanca while it received $9,144.70 from PUMP.

During the time of the pandemic, where many restaurants were closing down, WCP claimed that they stopped receiving payments from the restaurants. The company claims that the amount owed by the two restaurants was under $100,000. It’s suing for that amount, with some interest added.

Earlier during the pandemic, Lisa and Ken announced that Villa Blanca would no longer be operational. Due to frequent closures, the pair had to shut down the restaurant. However, Lisa says that PUMP will still open.

Speaking to Ken Todd, he said he claimed that he wasn’t aware of the lawsuit. He further added that if any debts need to be cleared, his accountants would make sure that the WCP gets paid. He explained that the pandemic was a difficult time for many people including restaurant owners. PUMP is still being closed at the time of this writing.

This comes after the couple was once sued by a former SUR employee who was never featured in Vanderpump Rules but worked in the restaurant. This employee, Olivia Beverly Hanson filed a lawsuit on behalf of herself and other employees. This lawsuit was not only about one restaurant. It included Tom Tom, SUR, PUMP, and Villa Blanca. According to the lawsuit, the couple violated several labor laws of the state. The lawsuit claims that Lisa and Ken failed to meet up with the minimum wage of the state, overtime wages, lack of proper meals, and many more. We do hope the couple could get these issues resolved in time.

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