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Kim Kardashian’s Closest Friends Are Worried About Her Bloated Appearance

If there’s anyone who knows how important appearances are, it’s Kim Kardashian. Yet, there’s a new report that says the reality television star’s friends are quite concerned about her as she’s been looking more bloated than usual. T

hat’s because she’s been binging on a lot of junk food and alcohol and doesn’t seem to be looking like her normal self anymore. Here’s what you need to know.

Kim Kardashian’s – Closest Friends Are Worried About Her Bloated Appearance

Kim Kardashian might be having the time of her life hitting one party after another, but her friends think that she might be taking things a little too far.

According to the latest edition of The National Enquirer, sources say that the reality television star and mother-of-four was turning heads after she was pounding jello shots and eating nothing but junk food during a recent trip to Las Vegas with her friends.

Kim Kardashian’s Closest Friends Are Worried About Her Bloated Appearance

One source close to the situation even said, “Kim’s got this cat-eye thing going on. She’s constantly squirting, and her face is jowly and plastic-looking,” while also adding that she is beginning to resemble Jocelyn Wildenstein more and more. As many fans are probably familiar, the infamous New York socialite’s many plastic surgeries have left her ruined face looking like a cat’s.

Yet, Kim doesn’t seem to be bothered by any of the criticism that she’s getting as she’s more focused on having the time of her life these days. While in Vegas, an insider says that Kim was all about the drinks. The source said, “There was a time when Kim wouldn’t touch a drop, but she clearly believes in letting loose now even though her boozing is making her look bloated. She spent most of this trip getting plastered and stuffing her face with food like waffles and caviar smothered in syrup.”

What’s Next For Kim Kardashian?

So far Kim herself has not made any comments about the matter, but there’s nothing wrong with living a little, right? After all, with everything she’s gone through in the past, she deserves to let her hair down and let loose a little bit.

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