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Legendary Singer Willie Nelson – The Tragedies That Have Hit In His Life

Iconic singer, guitarist, and songwriter Willie Nelson has had an incredible career in music. He quickly shot up to fame after inking his first record contract in 1962; however, while he hit many successful milestones in the music industry, he’s endured his fair share of tragedies and losses in his personal life.

Willie Nelson Lost His Mother To Cancer

Myrle M. Harvey, Nelson’s mom, died of cancer in late 1983. About seven years after this, Willie faced a stunning financial crisis when the IRS seized his assets because of unpaid taxes that amounted to $32 million.

Unfortunately, he lost a lot, including his recording studio, many instruments, as well as his ranch. While he did rebuild his life and career, this wasn’t the last tragedy he was forced to face.

Legendary Singer Willie Nelson – The Tragedies That Have Hit In His Life

Willie Nelson Lost Two Children

While Nelson has eight children, Susie, Lana, Paula, Renee, Amy, Micah, Lukas, and Billy, he ended up burying two of those kids during his life.

The first would be his son Billy, who passed away due to suicide, dying on Christmas day in his cabin, located in Tennessee. Billy was Willie’s oldest son and had faced some pressure because of his dad’s fame.

During the Paramount+ docuseries Willie Nelson & Family, released in December 2023, one of Willie’s daughters, Paula, noted that her brother was a “wonderful guy”; however, living in Texas, made it “hard to get away from” being Willie Nelson’s son. Still, Willie could relate to Billy’s struggle.

In his memoir, “Me and Paul: Untold Stories of a Fabled Friendship”, released in 2022, Nelson admitted that he tried to take his own life while attempting to break into the music business. Willie lay on some railroad tracks waiting to get hit by a train, but thankfully, he was not successful.

More Family Loss Plagued Willie Nelson

Willie had a close bond with Bobbie Nelson, his sister, during both childhood and adulthood. Bobbie was a pianist and joined Willie on the road in the ‘70s, as she performed at his shows.

Nelson notes during a September 2020 interview with People magazine that Bobbie was his “closest friend” for an entire lifetime.

The brother-sister duo performed their last concert together in October 2021, and Bobbie passed away at 91 in March 2022. While the cause of death is unknown, Variety shared a statement that noted Willie’s sister died “peacefully and surrounded by family.”

Despite the lows, Nelson continues to plug along, with concert tour dates set for 2024.

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