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Madonna Laps Up Water From Dog Bowl In Shocking Video: Best Reactions!

Madonna may want to consider doing her own version of Oops I Did It Again. Because the songstress keeps creating videos that spark a backlash from fans. And recently, Madonna shocked her followers by lapping up water from a dog bowl. 

Find out about the singer’s newest video. And learn how fans reacted. Get all the details below.

Madonna – Uses Dog Bowl To Drink Water In Controversial Video

No stranger to controversy, Madonna seems to invite varied views nearly every day in a recent flood of social media posts. And fans agreed that her latest videos and pics have disturbed them. For instance, Madonna posted an Instagram in which she first shared an outfit featuring a neon green sweater and sparkling booty shorts. But then the 64-year-old singer’s pics began to trouble fans, noted Page Six.

For example, Madonna struck sexual poses with a sriracha and mustard bottle. And then she stunned her viewers by lapping up water out of a dog bowl on the floor. For her background music, the singer choose the Stooges’ song, I Wanna Be Your Dog. 

Madonna Laps Up Water From Dog Bowl In Shocking Video: Best Reactions!

As a result, fans reacted in very different ways. But one follower got blunt. “It’s getting more and more embarrassing. It’s not easy to be your fan anymore. You were an icon sadly now without style😢,” wrote one fan. 

Madonna – Fans React In Different Ways To Dog Bowl Video

However, several fans felt that Madonna seemed frantic to appear more youthful. But those followers agreed that the singer chose the wrong way to achieve those goals. For example, one critic wrote, “None of this is thought provoking or “different.” You lost touch. You used to be ahead of the game. You created it. The changes to your body too. This is all screaming desperation to stay young or relevant. The last thing any of us would have expected from Madonna.”

And another mourned, “You are at it again! What is this? Its so sad to see you destroy the Iconic Madonna Style! I’m sorry I have been your fan since I was a kid. And I just cannot accept this garbage style.. no class.. no elegance you have created for yourself!”

Several fans felt that Madonna seems to have ruined her image with her new videos. For example, one wrote, “It has no meaning.. no depth. This is not Art, this is you destroying the Iconic Madonna that you created!” And another urged that someone help the singer. “Madonna needs help,” wrote the concerned fan. “If someone cares about her make it happen, if she is going for shock value, that boat sailed a long time ago.”

Tell us what you think. Do you agree with fans who think that she needs help? Or do you feel that Madonna just needs to recognize that her attempts to seem relevant have failed? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more celebrity news.

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