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Mark Wahlberg Won’t Have A Career Soon At the Pace He’s Going

Mark Wahlberg is getting candid about his declining career and where fans might see him in the future.

Mark Wahlberg – Says He’s Working Harder Now Than Ever

In a cover story interview for Cigar Aficionado, Wahlberg opened up about his career, his aspirations, why he didn’t want to be a part of “Boogie Nights” and starring in movies where he’s required to pose in underwear.

The actor is at that time of his life when he’s not afraid to pivot from his long and successful career as an actor.

For the 52-year-old, the offers have kind of started drying up, and he’s questioning how long he can continue to work in front of the cameras.

Mark Wahlberg Won't Have A Career Soon At the Pace He's Going

“Well, I’m certainly working harder now than ever. Certain businesses, you kind of build them, pass them on or you exit. Hopefully my kids, we’ll see what their interests are, but I don’t think that I’ll be acting that much longer at the pace I am now,” he told the publication’s Marvin R. Shanken about his past, present and future pursuits. “That’s for sure. Because that’s the most difficult thing.”

No matter what you think of that “pace” Wahlberg is talking about, it’s been pretty impressive, as it’s seen him appear in such movies as “Unchartered,” “Infinite,” “Joe Bell,” “Spenser Confidential” and “Me Time.”

Even though he hasn’t appeared in any new material this year, he still has a slate of upcoming movies, which includes leading roles in “Arthur the King,” “The Union,” “The Family Plan,” and “The Six Billion Dollar Man.”

If you’re wondering why he’s had a long and successful career, it’s because he plays his cards right and doesn’t wait on the universe to do it for him.

“I started becoming a producer out of necessity,” he said. “I didn’t want to sit around waiting for Brad Pitt or Tom Cruise or whoever was already established before me and were the guys at the time, and Leo [DiCaprio] to go and pass on a movie until I could get my hands on it. I was always proactive in trying to find material and things that I could produce, that I knew was right for me, create my own destiny.”

Mark Wahlberg – Says He Might Have To Pivot To the Role of Director To Keep Working In the Industry

At 52, Wahlberg thinks it’s that time to find a new direction that will keep his talent flowing by taking on directing roles in a movie.

At the same time, he’s also building his business empire, which includes the tequila brand Flecha Azul.

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