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Priscilla Presley Is Feeling The Pinch After Getting Cut From Elvis Presley’s Estate

Priscilla Presley is definitely feeling the heat as she never imagined that her life would end up like this. There’s a new report that suggests Priscilla might have to start pinching her pennies after she supposedly lost an estimated $900,000 in income thanks to the war she is now in with her grandchild Riley Keough over Elvis Presley’s estate. Here’s what you need to know.

Priscilla Presley Is Feeling The Pinch After Getting Cut From Elvis Presley’s Estate

According to the latest edition of The Globe, Priscilla still can’t believe that she’s been cut off from her late husband’s trust. This means that she’s losing income from his $500 million dollar estate as she will have to come up with other alternatives to make ends meet. Apparently, Elvis’ estate has been left to Riley after the death of her mother Lisa Marie Presley.

While Priscilla was totally cut off from the will, she does believe that someone might have forged the documents as she thinks that Lisa Marie’s signature on the papers look nothing like the way she used to sign her name.

One source close to the situation even put it this way, “Priscilla has preferred to lie low in recent years, but she sees the need to get out there and earn.”

Priscilla Presley Is Feeling The Pinch After Getting Cut From Elvis Presley’s Estate

And while Riley has all of the control of what’s going on behind the scenes, Priscilla is hopeful that they can get past their little feud and somehow come to an agreement as to how they and the rest of the family will move forward.

The source added that Priscilla “still hopes to have Lisa Marie’s amended will overturned in court and be returned to what she believes is her rightful place as a trustee of the Elvis estate.”

Can Priscilla Presley End Her Feud With Riley Keough?

The tipster also added, “This battle with other family members, especially her granddaughter Riley, has already turned ugly and Priscilla sees she needs to be in public and elevate her persona. She wants to show the world that she isn’t hiding from anything.”

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  1. Rhonda says

    I believe Priscilla just wants control and money. Lisa saw this and Rilry believes Lisa and why she changed it. Out of the right thing to do in memory of Lisa, Riley will not give in. Rlvis dumped Priscilla 2 engagements ago, decades ago. The Pressley name stayed with her even after she married for 30 years and for one reson: money and fame the name brought Priscilla. She’s a wolf in sheep’s clothing

  2. Sheelia says

    I think that even thou they have there differences, it needs to be put behind them. And come together as a family. Life is to short to continue fighting. I don’t believe Elvis would want this. And
    Priscilla needs to realize that the can not tell the grand kids how to live.

  3. Dorothy says

    She divorced Elvis. She got her money in a settlement. She needs to step away. She is no longer us family. His grandchildren are

  4. Patrik says

    It was Pricilla who made Elvis Presley Enterprize what it is today. Elvis was pretty much broke when he died.
    Her granddaughter should let her run the trust.
    She has the experience.

  5. Nanette Allen says

    It’s about time she hops off the ELVIS PRESLEY MONEY TRAIN!!!!!! WAY TOO MANY YEARS COMING

  6. Barbara says

    Priscilla has no right to his property they were divorced that is Elvis left that to Lisa Marie a d she wanted it to go to her children not Priscilla Elvis would be rolling over in his grave on this one. You go Riley to be the rightful owner
    And Priscilla should not be fighting her Granddaughter on this

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