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Sean Penn’s Ego Is Getting A Bruise Thanks To His Ex Robin Wright

It looks like this Hollywood couple’s second time around is just not working out to their benefit. There’s a new report that suggests Sean Penn’s ego might be getting bruised thanks to his ex wife, Robin Wright.

That’s because their second attempt in trying to make their love work just isn’t working in his favor – or her’s for that matter. Here’s what you need to know.

Sean Penn’s – Ego Is Getting A Bruise Thanks To His Ex Robin Wright

According to the latest edition of The Globe, Sean is none too pleased with the fact that Robin has been shunning his efforts in trying to get them to get back together again. The ex-couple were spotted together twice in the last months, including one time at Los Angeles International Airport, where photographers spotted them getting into a cab together.

Sean Penn’s Ego Is Getting A Bruise Thanks To His Ex Robin Wright

This has prompted a lot of people to wonder whether or not they are indeed back together again. As many fans probably know by now, Robin has pulled the plug on her marriage to her ex-husband Clement Giraudet while things certainly didn’t work out between Sean and his ex Leila George, who filed for divorce last year.

Seeing how Sean’s age gap with Leila might have been a huge problem, he’s now trying to get back into the good graces of his ex-wife again. In fact, he’s even hoping that she will take him back, for better or for worse.

One source close to the situation even put it this way, “They have been hanging out a lot lately and, some friends say with a wink, enjoying occasional booty calls.”

What’s Next For Sean Penn?

However, if there is one thing Robin doesn’t want to do, it’s repeat the mistakes of her past. The actress isn’t “biting on getting back together with him in an official capacity, at least not now. Robin’s more interested in co-parenting amicably and nothing much more. It’s a real bummer for Sean. Everyone will tell you he lurches from one bad romance to another because he’s still got Robin on his mind 24/7. She’s absolutely the love of his life, no question.”

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