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Shakira Is More Interested In Lewis Hamilton Than Tom Cruise

If there’s anything that we’ve learned about Shakira over the years, it’s that she’s definitely someone who knows what she wants and is eager to get what she wants, too.

Despite reports that say Tom Cruise is eagerly pursuing the pop star, it looks like Shakira might have her eyes set on another man. That’s because she was spotted dining with Lewis Hamilton this past week. Here’s what you need to know.

Shakira Is More Interested In Lewis Hamilton Than Tom Cruise

According to new reports, someone might want to stop Tom Cruise from trying a little too hard here, as Lewis Hamilton might be romancing Shakira instead. Sources say that the Formula

One champion was spotted having a romantic dinner date with Shakira at a restaurant in Miami, setting fans into a frenzy as to what may be going on between them.

Shakira Is More Interested In Lewis Hamilton Than Tom Cruise

As many fans probably already know by now, Shakira pulled the plug on her marriage to her ex Gerard Pique after spending 11 long years together in Spain. She’s now living in Miami full-time and is apparently looking for a new place to call home.

And while the singer has not made any comments about her date with Lewis Hamilton or her love life for that matter, it seems like Tom Cruise will stop at nothing to make her his new celebrity girlfriend. At least, that’s what some sources close to the situation are saying. One even said that Tom “is extremely interested in pursuing her. There is chemistry.”

Shakira Has A New Life In Miami Now

The source added, “Shakira needs a soft pillow to fall on, and that could be Tom. He has the benefit of being a nice-looking guy, and he is talented.”

Now, whether or not Tom manages to impress Shakira with his dancing moves remains to be seen. Either way, it seems like the singer is definitely enjoying her new life as a single woman and all the perks that come with checking out the celebrity dating pool. Watch this space as we have a feeling there is so much more to come.

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