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Sharon Osbourne Reveals Glorious Details For An Ozzy Osbourne Museum

What do you do when you have a lot of Ozzy Osbourne memorabilia to fill up an entire museum? You release them so that fans can take a trip down memory lane. But this trip will be unlike any other, especially since Sharon Osbourne‘s planning it.

Sharon Osbourne – Says She Told Her Children She’s “Getting Together” Their Dad’s Iconic Items For Unveiling

Want more Ozzy Osbourne than you can handle? You might not believe it, but your wait is about to be over, because his wife is planning a full-on interactive experience complete with memorabilia from his career milestones.

She revealed the happy news on Tuesday’s episode of The Osbournes Podcast, where she described her plans to open a museum with pieces centered on her husband’s life.

Sharon Osbourne Reveals Glorious Details For An Ozzy Osbourne Museum

She even got to tell us how she revealed the news to her kids, saying she told them she was “trying to get together Daddy’s memorabilia for the memorabilia place that we’re opening in Birmingham.”

The Black Sabbath hitmaker grew up in Birmingham, UK, in case you’re wondering why the location was chosen for the museum. “He’s having all of his awards, all his stage clothes, posters, old posters from Earth [one of Ozzy’s early bands] days,” continued Sharon. “I’ve got so much memorabilia.”

But her plans extend far beyond just having items on display. “We’re gonna do it totally interactive — every video, every live show of your dad’s, everything there,” she recalls telling the family. “It’s more of an educational thing for musicians and artists that wanna see that you can come from nothing, and if you work hard enough this is what you can get.”

There’ll also be opportunity to grab a snack inside the house and jam out Ozzy Osbourne style, if you’re into that sort of thing. “We’re going to have a cafe attached, and in the cafe we’re going to have every instrument you can think of. Music students can come in,” she shared.

Alongside all this, there’s going to be master classes geared towards aspiring musicians, since “there’s no music at schools anymore.” To achieve this, she revealed she might need some help from friends and other musicians.

At this moment, there’s no timeline yet to when the museum will be ready to open to the public, but one thing’s for sure, it’s going to be a full-on music experience.

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