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Taylor Swift SLAMS Kim Kardashian For Kanye West Phone Call Lies!

Kim Kardashian infamously got involved in her then-husband Kanye West’s feud with Taylor Swift. And now the songstress feels ready to fight back. 

In a new interview, Taylor slams Kim for editing and leaking the phone call between Swift and Kanye. And she doesn’t stop there, as revealed below.

Taylor Swift – Slams Kim Kardashian

Kanye West received help from his then-wife Kim Kardashian in trying to take down Taylor Swift. But in a new interview, Taylor calls out Kim for her role in Kanye’s phone call. And the songstress makes it clear that the reality TV star lied, noted E News.

Swift went into detail about how Kardashian edited and leaked the 2016 phone call between the singer and Kanye. And Swift, who Time magazine just named its Person Of The Year, recalled how Kim orchestrated the scheme against her regarding Kanye’s song Famous.

Taylor Swift SLAMS Kim Kardashian For Kanye West Phone Call Lies!

Because Kardashian shared footage of the call on social media, she edited it to make it seem that Taylor had approved the lines “I feel like me and Taylor might still have sex / Why? I made that bitch f*mous.” But at the time, Swift claimed that Kim lied. And a subsequent release of the full phone conversation years later revealed Kardashian did indeed edit the phone conversation, proving Taylor told the truth and Kim lied.

Taylor Swift – Shares Emotional Pain

And Swift recalled that Kim created “a fully manufactured frame job, in an illegally recorded phone call, which Kim Kardashian edited and then put out to say to everyone that I was a liar.” But the singer shared that the situation took a toll on her emotionally.

“That took me down psychologically to a place I’ve never been before,” shared Taylor. And she described moving to another country, staying in a rental house, and feeling fearful of phone calls.

As a result of Kim’s actions, Swift felt so intimidated that she “pushed away most people in my life because I didn’t trust anyone anymore. I went down really, really hard.” And Taylor even feared that the scandal ended her music career. “Make no mistake—my career was taken away from me.”

However, Kim sought to defend herself when the full conversation emerged. And Kardashian blamed Taylor for deciding to “reignite an old exchange. And I’m actually really embarrassed and mortified to be doing it right now,” claimed Kardashian. “But because she continues to speak on it, I feel I’m left without a choice but to respond.” 

However, Taylor has managed to move on at last. And her new romance with her boyfriend Travis Kelce has given her the courage to take the relationship public. “When you say a relationship is public, that means I’m going to see him do what he loves, we’re showing up for each other, other people are there and we don’t care,” shared Swift. “And we’re just proud of each other.”

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