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Meghan Markle DESTROYS Hollywood Dreams In Trying To Take Down Royals

Meghan Markle increasingly seems like the most self-destructive celebrity ever. And her new scandal could result in the end of her Hollywood dreams. 

Because of Meghan’s role in the royal racism row, a new report reveals that her influential talent agency could drop her faster than a hot potato.

And as revealed below, the Duchess of Sussex also destroyed her dreams of feeling that the public adores her all the time.

Meghan Markle Bursts Her Hollywood Dream Bubble

The Duchess of Sussex began her climb to fame by starring in Suits. And then Meghan Markle achieved a fairy-tale dream, starring in a royal wedding with Prince Harry. 

Meghan Markle DESTROYS Hollywood Dreams In Trying To Take Down Royals

However, Meghan didn’t stop there. And the determined Duchess made more headlines by persuading hubby Harry to reject their royal responsibilities and head to California. But then came that landmark interview with Oprah Winfrey. 

And amid the bombshells that Meghan dropped, the biggest involved her claim that someone in the royal family made racist comments about her son Archie’s skin.

Now if the Duchess had stopped there, she would have received publicity without a backlash. But instead, Meghan used her buddy Omid Scobie’s new book to leak the names of Kate Middleton and King Charles as the supposed royal racists.

As a result, the Duchess of Sussex faced slams for trying to take down beloved and hard-working royals Kate and Charles. And Meghan’s talent agency could drop her, per MSN.

Talent Agency ‘Horrified’ At Meghan Markle

Royal author Angela Levin revealed that the Duchess Of Sussex’s talent agency William Morris Endeavour feels “horrified” about how Scobie’s book could destroy the Sussex brand. And the impact could include William Morris deciding to drop Meghan as a client. 

And Levin added that the agency expressed horror at what “their client, Meghan,” has done. “It seems to me that they will think very carefully what they do next. I have never heard such a well known agency be clear with how they feel,” added the royal author.

And Levin warned, “Meghan needs to be very careful. A lot of people have dropped her. The agency have told her to ‘stop moaning’, because people are ‘getting fed up’ with it. If they know feel they have an even harder job to do in order to get her famous, it’s going to be difficult.”

And Levin believes that the Duchess of Sussex will find it increasingly “very difficult to get the glamour she wants.” However, the royal author noted that even if Meghan finds a way to profit, the Duchess of Sussex could still feel unhappy.

And Levin explained her theory. “They could make lots of money,” she reflected. But Meghan has become “someone who needs to be adored all the time by the public.”

Tell us what you think. How do you feel about Meghan Markle destroying her Hollywood dreams and ruining her goal of feeling that the public adores her all the time? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more royal family news.

  1. Carol Monsell says

    I believe Meghan and the Royals need to more supportive, not think they are better than non-royals! I’ve read that Harry was actually the one who wanted to move away because of the way Meghan was being treated. Harry and Meghan really do love each other and the Royals are jealous

  2. Sharon says

    How long are the Monarchy is going to continue to let have her title. She is nothing trash, and that saying it lightly. But worse Harry is doing nothing to help the situation. GOD BLESS THE BRITISH

  3. Donna says

    She will never stop. She’s a two bit actress who destroyed her own career.
    Nothing would ever be good enough for her so she’ll never stop complaining. Hollywood wants nothing to do with her.

  4. Susan says

    Everyone & I do mean Everyone is Sick of Both of them. Nobody wants to hear or see them Anymore ~~ Ever!!! Go Away you Whiney Losers

  5. Janine Simonetti says

    Meg is a mess. No talent , wants everyone to love her… FOR WHAT? What has she ever accomplished. I truly pity the prince for having to put up with her. Btw, did she ever find the ring that caused such a dust up? I wouldn’t put it past her to have hocked it to indulge her whims.

  6. Patricia says

    Megan is as controlling as Camilla, they both control the men and media to get what they want. Doesn’t matter what happens to the men, just what they can get. They are both trash and so far got everything they wanted. Camilla destroyed 2 marriages and made her lies to become queen. Megan hasn’t the push to become queen but wants it any way.

  7. Betty says

    I blame them both, even though I believe Megan is the culprit that helped Scobie write the book. Megan the destroyer should be black listed in Hollywood and never be seen in public again. Harry could have stopped her but didn t and he should be dealt with the,same as Megan.

  8. Carol says

    I cannot stand Meghan Markle!!! Who does she think she is??? She’s disgusting!!! I wish the USA would throw her out, as well as the UK. She only cares about herself!!!Send her far far away!!!!

  9. Jazzy says

    WME SHOULD DUMP THIS NO TALENT WOMAN. I DESPISE HER AND ALL THE TROUBLE SHE HAS CAUSEÐ AND IS STILL CAUSING. PH is the same way and now they are running low on money and want to run bk to UK and BEG for millions from daddy. They will never change and will always be professional Beggars cus thats who they are. Mutt Face is 100% jealous of PC and that’s çus she envies PC cus PC has so much Class and is just Beautiful and Charming and this is something that Mutt Face can nvr be. So WME better watch who they hire and Markle was truly a bad choice and they will see in the end.

  10. J Pruett says

    Meghan the Destroyer is one undesirable piece of work! Who wold pay money to see this person in a movie or on TV. She’s an ex yacht girl and we know what they are. Poor Harry, or stupid Harry fell for her used wiles! I wish her every bad thing she’s done to others to be done to her. Give her a taste of her own medicine!

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