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Taylor Swift’s Jet Lag Joke Declared Science By Expert

That’s Dr. Taylor Swift to you. On top of being a global superstar, dating the guy on the football team – yes, the one that won the Superbowl Championships, duh! – and having a net worth that’s now in the b range (you heard me), she’s also discovered that jet lag can be a choice.

This discovery wasn’t made easily. Because putting on a show in Tokyo, being on a plane, and landing just in time to cheer for your bf is certainly not the easiest way to carry out any hypothesis. But sure, she could be “the man” whenever it suits her, as long as it’s her choice.

How To Beat Jet Lag Like Taylor Swift Does

While Swift congratulating her boyfriend and the Chiefs team on their tight win, Travis Kelce – said boyfriend – affected by Swift’s energy, incredulously asked, “How are you not jet-lagged right now?”

Taylor Swift's Jet Lag Joke Declared Science By Expert

To this, Swift laughingly responded, “Jet lag is a choice.”

How can you beat Jet Lag like a pro? Travel expert and writer Gary Leff has answers. First of all, it doesn’t hurt that the “Karma” songstress made the journey on a private jet.

“She took a private jet across the Pacific and that’s a lot more conducive to sleep,” Leff observed. In fact, it doesn’t always depend on whether you’re flying private, it just depends on the level of comfort your body needs to be able to fall asleep. “Get on the plane and if it’s bedtime in your destination, go to bed. If it isn’t, stay up,” he instructed, later adding that “a fully flat seat in business class” will make this much easier.

But in case you can absolutely not sleep in anything that’s noisy or moving or not as cozy as your bed, Leff has other means.

“Stay up at your destination on arrival and go to bed as close to when the locals do as possible,” he said.

Dr. Alon Avidan, director of the UCLA Sleep Disorders Center, agrees with much of this routine. “Try to get outside in the sunlight at the appropriate time.

Daylight is the most powerful stimulant for resetting your jet lag for your trip and on your way back home,” he said, echoing Leff’s strategy.

All in all, if this seems hard for you to do, you can turn to taking low doses of sleep hormone melatonin. However, before taking any type of sleep aid, consult your physician.

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