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This Is Why Daryl Hall Filed A Restraining Order Against John Oates

Daryl Hall is not ready for John Oates to sell his share of their business and he’s apparently ready to do anything to prevent it. According to Hall, if Oates goes through with his plan, it would cause him “imminent irreparable harm.”

Daryl Hall Insists John Oates’ Desire To Sell His Share of the Company Violates Their Business Agreement

John Oates wants an out in his joint business venture with bandmate Daryl Hall, but Hall is not having it. Recently, Hall was granted a restraining order against Oates, and days later, more about the legal drama is unfolding.

Turns out Hall, 77, filed suit against Oates, 75, as a way of stopping the latter from selling his share of their joint business agreement to a third party, which Hall argues violates an agreement previously reached by the pair.

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Per the motion obtained by PEOPLE, The “Rich Girl” singers entered into agreement in October 2021 over their Whole Oats Enterprises LLP (WOE) – a limited liability partnership owned and controlled by the musicians.

On Nov. 9, as Oates made moves to transfer 100% of his right, title and interest in Whole Oats to a third party buyer called Primary Wave Music without Hall’s consent, Hall initiated an arbitration process against him. Hall claimed that the transaction is “unauthorized and void” and breaches their contract.

Hall argued that Oates had signed a letter of intent with Primary Wave that could’ve closed as early as Nov. 20, which would have “imminent irreparable harm.”

Daryl Hall and John Oates Reportedly Want To Keep This Legal Battle Out of the Public Eye

In the filing, Hall listed his reason for applying for the restraining order, which was approved the very next day, as his way of closing the Primary Wave transaction “so as to maintain the status quo of WOE before there is a change in control of the partnership in violation of the terms of the Agreement.”

Per the Associated Press, Primary Interest has owned a sizable chunk of the duo’s music catalog for over 15 years.

Whereas there’s bound to be public interest in the case since the involved parties are famous, Hall’s attorney would love the case to be sealed since this is a “private dispute… This is not a matter of legitimate public interest, although the parties are well known.”

His legal team added that the case is merely to straighten out the interpretation of their 2021 agreement, the terms of which remain confidential.

The hearing has been set for Nov. 30 and the case will be decided in a confidential arbitration process.

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