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Whoopi Goldberg Mourns The View’s Glory Days

Whoopi Goldberg Mourns The View's Glory DaysWhoopi Goldberg admitted that she mourns the glory days of The View. Fans noticed that she’s grown increasingly bored with the daytime talk show. The panel mostly tackles hot topics like dating and celebrity gossip, two topics that Whoopi isn’t interested in. She would rather talk about politics and share what’s on her mind. That’s become increasingly harder over the years. Read on to learn more.

Whoopi Goldberg – Likes Old Version Of The View

The comedian became the moderator of The View in 2007. She misses those days. Whoopi Goldberg revealed that she mourns the old version of the talk show.

She felt it was “better before” it became “woke.” Whoopi shared that she and her fellow panelists didn’t have to “hedge” their opinions during those times.

The Oscar winner appeared on Friday’s episode of Who’s Talking to Chris Wallace? on Max. Whoopi spoke about her new memoir, relationships, and time on The View. The CNN anchor asked her to share her thoughts about the talk show.

“I liked it better before,” Whoopi Goldberg shared. “Because there was not — people didn’t assume that you were starting out to be nasty, or horrible, or saying stuff. You used to say something and somebody would say, ‘Well, that’s actually not so.’ And you could make that adjustment. Or you could say, ‘Well, here’s — this is why I thought about this way.'”

Whoopie claims that “nobody wants to hear what you were thinking.” She feels that she has to filter her thoughts more. Chris Wallace noted that this is an example of “the weaponization of opinion,” a topic of the interview. Whoopi agreed and felt that she had to tip-toe on every sensitive topic.

Oscar Winner Shares Time On The View

Whoopi Goldberg is more than just a moderator. She’s also a panelist who shares controversial views.

She received flak last year for sharing her anti-semitic opinions in an interview with The Sunday Times. Whoopi noted that she has to be careful about what she says.

“I feel like now you’re always having to hedge what you say because you don’t want to p*ss people off,” she explained. “You don’t want to upset them.”

Chris opened the floor for Whoopi to share a specific moment that made her mad, but she refused. She explained that there were specific things that she was upset about, but she didn’t want to get into it. Whoopi joined that if she were to share them “it’s only gonna be a problem.”

What are your thoughts on what Whoopi Goldberg said about The View? Do you miss the show’s old format? Sound off below in the comment section.

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  1. Suzanne says

    Yes! I miss the old view so much that I don’t watch it anymore!

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