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When Will Suits Reboot Air On NBC?

Is the Suits: LA reboot still happening?  Suits fans were thrilled last year when NBC announced it would be rebooting the Meghan Markle legal drama after its success on Netflix. But, rumors are swirling that the Suits reboot may have been scrapped since it isn’t on the network’s Fall 2024 TV schedule.  Here’s what you need to know about the Suits: LA premiere, keep reading for all the details.

Did NBC Scrap Suits Reboot

NBC’s spring shows are winding down, and several season finales are set to air this month.  The network has already unveiled its Fall 2024 primetime schedule, full of returns, reboots, and new projects.  But, one series is noticeably missing from the line-up. 

Suits fans were certain that the highly anticipated new series, which may or may not include Meghan Markle, would premiere in the Fall and it’s not on the schedule.

When Will Suits Reboot Air On NBC?

When Suits blew up on Netflix, thanks to Meghan Markle, rebooting the series was a no-brainer for NBC.  Sure, a lot of people never would have watched the show if Meghan Markle wasn’t on it. 

With those streaming numbers though, it’s obvious the show has potential, with or without Prince Harry’s wife.  So, why isn’t it going to be on NBC this Fall?

When Will Suits: LA Premiere On NBC

Suits fans can breathe a sigh of relief.  According to NBC showrunner Jeff Bader, the reboot is still very much happening and the pilot episode has already been filmed. 

However, the network isn’t planning on rolling it out until late winter, or possibly even the spring of 2025.

Bader told The Wrap, “We’re excited about this. It’s a pilot and we’ll be screening it in June … Assuming that it gets picked up it would be for midseason next year.”

Are you looking forward to the new Suits reboot?  Do you think it will be a success without Meghan Markle?  Share your thoughts in the comments below and keep checking Celebrating The Soaps for more Suits LA spoilers and updates.

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