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Why Demi Moore Didn’t Listen To Kevin Costner’s Advice About Taylor Sheridan Revealed

Taylor Sheridan may be the biggest name in TV right now – courtesy of “Yellowstone” – but he’s also managed to piss off the biggest star on TV – still courtesy of “Yellowstone” – Kevin Costner.

And now Kevin Costner believes Sheridan’s an “end game” for talented stars, and he’s been telling his close friends likewise.

One of those happens to be the illustrious Demi Moore. And while in her heyday, she wouldn’t poke Sheridan with a stick, circumstances have made her agree to work with him on a new show.

Costner is, of course, said not to be happy about the development. But I’m sure he’ll understand where Moore is coming from.

Why Demi Moore Didn't Listen To Kevin Costner's Advice About Taylor Sheridan Revealed

Kevin Costner “Very Upset” With Taylor Sheridan And Wants Pal Demi Moore To Steer Clear

It can’t have escaped you that Kevin Costner’s departure from “Yellowstone” occured on less than amicable terms.

According to “Yellowstone’s” creator Taylor Sheridan, his leading man Costner has been upset with him for as far back as the second season of the show as a result of disliking his character’s arc.

However, be that as it may, Costner insisted that he quit the series because Sheridan told him that he’d have to take a pay cut to continue with its sixth season.

Even though Costner’s popularity surged following his lead in the Taylor Sheridan drama, he’s so far disgruntled with the writer that he is said to be “very upset” that Demi Moore has agreed to take on a starring role in Sheridan’s “Landman.” The “Striptease” star, 61, will star alongside Billy Bob Thornton in the upcoming Paramount+ drama.

“He told Demi that Taylor will court you but once he has you under his control, it’s game over. You’re just another actor who can be replaced,” a source exclusively told In Touch.

“Demi respects Kevin’s opinion,” another insider notes. “But she doesn’t get big film offers any longer. Demi figures if she’s going to be doing TV, she might as well be working with the hottest producer around!”

Sheridan managed to broker a deal with Costner to conclude his character’s story in the upcoming sixth season, and while he claims John Dutton’s fate hasn’t been changed, he did admit that his run was painfully shortened.

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