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Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Louise Sorel Teases Vivian Alamain’s ‘Wicked’ Ways!

Days Of Our Lives spoilers reveal that Louise Sorel will continue to delight fans as Vivian Alamain. But how does the Days Of Our Lives actress feel about portraying such a villain? 

Find out what Louise shared about her role as Vivian on Days Of Our Lives. And keep reading to see some of Sorel’s and fans’ favorite moments featuring Vivian. 

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Vivian Alamain Possesses ‘Wicked Sense Of Humor’

When news first broke that Louise would return as Vivian, Days Of Our Lives fans looked forward to seeing Vivian confront Kate. And Sorel told Soaps, “We sort of had a lot of that earlier on with Kate and Vivian. You know the usual catfight. Then I stole her embryo and all that madness.”

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers: Louise Sorel Teases Vivian Alamain’s ‘Wicked’ Ways!

And Louise views portraying Vivian as “always fun” because of her character’s “annoying, mischievous” persona. “But I would say that she has a wicked sense of humor,” pointed out the Days Of Our Lives actress. “She is certainly on her own track and she’s arrogant, well traveled, and has a peculiar sense of morality.”

Because Sorel views Vivian as “very brave,” she believes that she is “probably someone that you would want to have on your side.” However, Louise also offered her insights on what motivates Vivian to behave the way that she does.

DOOL Spoilers – What Motivates Vivian Alamain?

And Sorel admitted that she “always questioned” what motivated Vivian. However, she pointed out that the writers included a “back story of her being deeply hurt. That doesn’t necessarily warrant the stealing of someone’s embryo or burying someone alive,” admitted the Days Of Our Lives star.

But though Louise acknowledges that “you just can’t even justify those things,” she also feels that Vivian experienced “a lot of hurt. And there were scenes written a long time ago that I was so happy for. They showed you her soft side and her lonely side. She walked in on her husband and found him with another woman and all that stuff.”

However, Sorel also shared her favorite memories on Days Of Our Lives. “Once they had us jumping out of a plane with parachutes,” she recalled. “And when Ivan falls out of the plane, his parachute doesn’t work. So, he grabs hold of my ankles and I start trying to fly with my arms (it’s hard to explain, but it’s visually funny), and then I land in a tree. It’s all this silly, crazy stuff.”

Days Of Our Lives Spoilers – Vivian Alamain’s Best Moments

And fans have shared some of their favorite moments. For example, one shared, “Loved the John and Vivian scenes. And the Days Of Our Lives fan quoted John, “I would have come to visit you. But…I didn’t want to.” 

However, others shared that they appreciated Vivian bringing up the drug bombshell. “For so long, we think of guys like Victor a lovable curmudgeons. But in reality, he just mellowed with age. However, Victor was as ruthless as they came Al when he was first introduced. Similarly, as appalled as Chad looked when Vivian hit him with that, he forgets his own father’s empire was built on illegal gains, too,” noted a fan.

And one Days Of Our Lives viewer gushed, “Vivian and Louise Sorel are a perfect match of character and actor.” But fans also appreciated the on-going joke of Vivian claiming that everyone ranks as her first choice. However, no one wants to work with Vivian. And she mourned, “Doesn’t anybody want to work anymore?” 

But one fan confessed, ” Vivian could start a rap career and I’d be on board. Love that broad!”

Tell us what you think. What ranks as your favorite moments and scenes with Vivian? And after you share your views, check back on our site for more Days Of Our Lives news.

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