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General Hospital News: Katelyn MacMullen Gets Personal

General Hospital News: Katelyn MacMullen Gets PersonalThe portrayer of Willow Tait, Katelyn MacMullen, on “General Hospital,” revealed her biggest passion, which is acting. Born in 1995, MacMullen moved around a lot with her family. Coming from a small town, MacMullen experienced a culture shock when she turned to Hollywood to pursue her dream. Fortunately, she had “Hart of Dixie” to watch. The show made her feel like she was home again, which made her feel good.

According to a recent interview with ABC Soaps In Depth, she wants her viewers to have that same feeling as they watch “General Hospital.” “The magic of a TV show is that it can be such soul food for people,” MacMullen said. She considers being able to act all the time as “such a blessing.” She added, “And if I can be part of something that allows someone to sit back, relax and lose themselves, that alone is great.”

General Hospital News – MacMullen’s “General Hospital” Journey

In a previous interview, Soaps In Depth, it has been revealed that “General Hospital” is her first TV role. She was floored when she found out that she got the part. The moment she started to get to know the storylines of the different characters of the show, it didn’t take too long for her to get hooked. She appreciates all the support she got from the cast and crew.

She was given a slow start since it was her first time to join a daytime soap. She said, “[Executive producer] Frank Valentini has been really patient and awesome.” “And all the directors and the other actors are very aware I’m pretty new, so they help me. Literally everyone here has given me a piece of advice that I have taken and used,” she added. She even revealed that she kept a notepad where she wrote down all the pieces of advice she received. “I actually have a notepad, and I write down everything people say to me. Working with people who are so committed, so down-to-earth and so helpful is exciting. It’s like a hardcore acting school,” she explained.

General Hospital News – Katelyn MacMullen As Willow Tait

She’s also extremely grateful for all the support that her leading men have given her. “They’re both just great, goofy, humble, talented guys who don’t take themselves too seriously,” she shared. “As an actor, they say you have to be able to laugh at yourself in order to put yourself in positions you’d never be in and do them justice,” she continued.

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  1. Guest says

    Katelyn MacMullen is PERFECT! She brings to TV a soft yet powerful soul. She is a pleasure to watch onscreen. She has the comfort and capability to turn her character into the much needed moods of someone her age. So glad that GH hired her.

  2. Guest says

    YES! Great addition.

  3. Guest says

    Oh my goodness, YES! Kate is just perfect for the Willow roll and she has made it her own. I hope to continue seeing more of her. She has the potential to be one of the strong women we all want to see.
    Do you hear that writers?

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